Friday, April 15, 2011

On to the National Championships!

 No, I didn't drop off the face of the earth.

Yes, among all the gazillions of other things I do in life, I am also a Show Choir mom, and we are in the right smack in the middle of competition season. 
For the first time ever, my daughter's high school show choir was chosen as one of the 15 choirs chosen nationwide to compete in the FAME national championship competition at the end of this month. 

All of us, family, community, school, administrators etc. couldn't be prouder :):)
Our kids have worked their hineys off...and I'm not exaggerating.

When I watch their high energy competition show, I am breathless by the end.
My middle daughter is too...
She was diagnosed with asthma at 18 months and has learned to live with it over the last 16 years.  From time to time we have to modify her medication and spring is the worst time of the year.
You'd never tell it though from watching her perform.
You would only know if you were one of the poor backstage moms who witnessed her pass out twice this year when the show was over :/
That was our cue that the meds needed modifying again.

Pretty attention getting cue, wouldn't you say?

This past weekend was our first weekend on the new meds and they worked BEAUTIFULLY.  I take pictures for the group so I can see my baby through my lens.  I can usually tell by her face whether or not she's having trouble moving air...even though no one else can pick up the signs....that comes from sleeping on the floor beside her bed when she was little.

It was so nice to see such a relaxed and beautiful face this weekend.
She's the third one from the left in the following pictures, completely in tune with the music and thoroughly enjoying the experience:

And, yes, she is the "sass-master" ;)

No idea where she gets that :)