Review Policy

***This page is a work in progress

First and foremorst, THANKS for your interest in having me review your book! 

The following are some things you need to know about me to make sure I'm a good fit for your book:

The #1 most important thing for you to know about me before you ask me to review your book is this:
I'm an honest and upfront person.
There's a saying out there that goes "If you want something sugar-coated, you should've gone to the bakery."  That's me.  In a nutshell.
If you want me to review your book, I'm gonna tell you how I feel about it.
  However, if I don't like something, I try my best to explain why and I never try to second guess what another reader might take away from a book, even one I didn't like very much.  I don't attack authors, and I don't attack their work; I just explain where my feelings come from.  Take a look at my review format; it doesn't leave room for much guessing.

I generally don't review books I don't finish; there are simply too many books I want to read to waste my time pushing through something I hate.  However, I very seldom do not finish a book because I select them that carefully.
I've known myself for 46 years now; I'm the best judge of what I will and will not like.
Take a look at my review archives...this will give you a pretty good idea of the kinds of things I like to read and have been reading/reviewing for the last 5 years.
I'm a pretty eclectic reader and don't mind stepping out of my comfort zone if something piques my interest, but I do have to control myself or I will be reading 24/7 and my family will run out of clean clothes to wear :)

I have a full time job and full time family.  This is not a commercial blog.  Nuff said.

I will consider unsolicited books, whether from publishers or authors, but there's no guarantee.  I will only consent if I feel really good about the content matching my reading preferences.  If I say no, it's nothing against you.  It's me :)

I'm a book lover, so I generally have a hard time giving away my books, but I'm trying to learn to share my ARCs with others.  If I don't keep or giveaway the books, I donate them to my local Salvation Army or library.

If you have a hard time accepting criticism or plan on attacking me if I don't like your stuff, keep moving.
This ain't the place for you.
Save the drama for your mama.

I prefer working with TLC Book Tours with scheduled reviews and would rather work through them than anybody else in the blogging world right now.  Have you considered adding your book to one of their tours?

After I've agreed to review your book, I will update it to my "Upcoming Reviews" section in the sidebar upon receipt of the book.  That lets you know that I have indeed received the copy you sent.

I don't have an agenda.  I've loved books as long as I can remember.  I'm not interested in sales, nor commercializing my blog.  My blog is my lifeline, and I plan to keep it that way.

I'm an Amazon Affiliate although I've never received any money from them.  Amazon saves my life at Christmastime by shipping all my gifts far and wide and keeping me out of the malls.  I'm a lover of bookstores everywhere, Barnes and Noble, BooksAMillion and any and all Indies in my area (Lemuria in Jackson, MS or Square Books in Oxford, MS) or out of the area when I'm traveling.
I read print as well as ebooks and even listen to audiobooks in my car.
All this to say, I'm not a book snob of any kind...I'll take them from wherever and however I can get them.

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