Friday, January 8, 2010

Brothers in Arms

After much thought I finally decided to take the plunge and commit myself to the Shutter Sisters 365 Project. I'm a little late...since it's Jan. 8th and all...but that's pretty normal for me...ask my friend Missie :)
I was a little unsure about taking on this project since I love taking pictures...I didn't want this project to make me feel like photography is a chore...but I just decided if I ever reach that point, I'll just bow out of the project all together. I'm not saying I'll quit...well, maybe I am saying I'll quit...but photography has become too important to me to let it become something other than what it has become to me, and that is a creative outlet that's just mine and has NOTHING to do with what I do for a living. SO THERE; TAKE THAT!! (notice how I have to use a semi-colon even in a short directive's an illness; it really is...see, there's another semi-colon!!)
My goal for participating in this project is to simply become a better photographer...I have no desire at all to make my photography a commercial endeavor (read preceding paragraph for reasons why). My specific objectives or learning outcomes for participating in this project and meeting my goal of becoming a better photographer are to learn more about using photoshop to enhance my photos and to get specific feedback from other photographers about my progress so far. (I told you it was a sickness...goals, objectives, learning outcomes...AAARRRGGGG! Education is like the mafia...channeling Al Pacino in The Godfather Part 3..."Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in!!!)
Shutter Sisters has a Flickr account where the photos are to be uploaded each day and the end of the year (365 days), I will have a photo journal of a year in my life...sounds really cool to'm in! I'm also going to post those photos here...just to share and all...See, Missie, I really do play well with others!
This first photo is Uh-Oh and Beneigt...they are brothers (duh) and love each other as you can see...I suspect many of my photos will include the brothers...they are 2 of My Favorite Things! :)

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