Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Firstborn Child

This is my firstborn child...circa 1996...she is about 3 and this was a picture taken for her first dance recital...
Please notice the can you miss them...she would laugh at this comment herself because she knows it's true. She actually appreciates having feet unlike any other in our house. It means lots and lots of shoes just for one can borrow anything from her closet and she's never missing shoes when she needs them.

My firstborn is a junior in high school this year, and as many smart young girls do their junior year in high school, she entered the Junior Miss Scholarship Program. It is VERY important to the Junior Miss folks that you don't call their program a I try not to.

My firstborn and the other girls spent their fall semester meeting weekly for aerobics, experiencing mock interviews, learning about the world around them and participating in community service projects. The part that could actually be called a pageant took place this past Saturday night. My firstborn is pictured below as she plays "A Spanish Melody" for the talent part of the pageant...whoops, program...

Can you say proud??
Can you spell it??
Can you say it again??
Oh yeah, I'm a proud Mama. My firstborn won the talent competition, the scholastic part of the competition and was 1st alternate in the fitness program. She was also 1st alternate for the whole shebang.
I don't need a scholarship program or a pageant to remind me how blessed I am...but of all the pageants....grrr, there I go again...scholarship programs...we've been involved in, the Junior Miss program really seemed to help the girls focus on the most important aspects of their lives rather than all the silliness that sometimes (ok, all the times) is involved in traditional beauty pageants. The young ladies are encouraged to "be their best selves" and to give back to their communities.
My firstborn walked away from this program with a renewed sense of self and her responsibility to others in the world. While I can't bear to think of her leaving me to go out into that world just yet, I know she is better prepared for that big step having been a part of this program.


  1. Hello Patti! I don't know if you remember me or not, Terri Upchurch. We lived in Ellisville for many years.

    KS has grown into a beautiful young lady. Time has flown by! Congrats to K winning first place in talent, physical fitness, and 1st alternate. AWESOME!!!

    My Blog is

    It is going to be so much following your blog and keeping in touch!

  2. I do remember you, Terri! I stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago via Roan Simmons' blog...what a coincidence! This is my first blog...I toyed with the idea of starting one for a while...I just LOVE it!! There's a whole other world out there, isn't there???

    Courtney has grown into such a lovely young lady!! Can you believe how time flies!!

    I'm glad to reconnect!!

  3. she's gorgeous! and driven by the sound of it! of course you're proud! heck, i'm even proud!! :)