Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Need a Drink

Our cats don't have a water bowl. They prefer to drink their water fresh from the tap.

When they are thirsty, usually first thing in the morning, as soon as they come inside and the last thing before bedtime, they jump up on the bathroom counter and wait for me or one of the girls to turn on the water.

The water stream has to be just right though...not too much because it sprays them in the face...and not too little because that just takes too much time and energy. They also ALWAYS jump up on my sink...not Ed's. It may have something to do with how he yells in that gruff sounding man voice, "Hayah, Get out of here, cat!" whenever he catches them in the act.

Just the right water pressure is especially important to the cats' efficient tongues. They need to be able to get as much water as possible in a short amount of time...making sure no unnecessary water touches them before Ed comes in and scares them away.

Uh-Oh is the best at it...He can gingerly step into the sink, balance on the sides of the bowl, and drink his fill of water without getting any extra water on his paws, face, body or tips of his fur...he is a cat after all.


  1. I love it. Great detail on the water. We had the same theme today too...sort of:

    I'm so glad you're doing this. It's inspiring me to get to know my camera better too.

  2. What great pictures. I love it! I've always had a cat infatuated with the bathtub faucet and waits for someone to turn it on. Why that water is better than their water dish, who knows.