Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu Monday

One of my main new year goals was to be more organized and to cook more for my family. I haven't quite accomplished that yet, and January is almost over. I did some cooking this weekend and it made my family rise up and call me blessed :) hee hee - I'm so far from the Proverbs 31 lady that it's not even funny...but I have been dreaming about her all my life. I'm all about forgiving myself in 2010 though :) and even though I may not rise at dawn and sew all my children's clothes, I'm a pretty tenacious ole gal (girls raised in the south and all that's cracked up to be) so I'm going to give this Menu Monday thing a try. Here goes:

Monday: pot roast, carrots and potatoes, caesar salad and crescent rolls

Tuesday: Roan's crockpot lasagna

Wednesday: Gumbo cook-off for Wednesday Night Supper @ church (my middle child is helping me with this :) We've found a Paula Deen recipe that we think we can handle. It will be my first attempt at making gumbo! What better way to experiment than with a bunch of hungry folks trapped together at church who have to eat!

Thursday: meatloaf muffins, lima beans, mashed potatoes (my kids love it when I put barbeque sauce on husband, not so much...have I mentioned yet how picky he is? If not, I'm sure I'll be mentioning it later )

Friday: Invitational Food (show choir competition)

Saturday: Invitational Food (show choir competition)

Sunday: ? not sure yet...I will be zonked after the show choir stuff

I made a couple of new very successful recipes this weekend, Ree Drummond's Potato Skins from her cookbook and Apple Dumplings from her blog. I'll post on them soon, but that success is definitely what's behind this inspiration to cook this week. Even my picky husband was pleased!! We'll see what happens this week...

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