Saturday, January 2, 2010

My First Blog Posting

After a holiday season of soul searching, I came to the conclusion that a blog would be just the thing for me. I've spent a lot of time reading and laughing out loud at some old friends' and some new friends' blogs. So much time reading others' blogs in fact that even on Jan. 2, my Christmas tree is still illuminated in my den! I'm ok with letting go of worrying about whether or not everything is just right though; one of the most liberating things about turning 40 is how liberating it is! This blog will be about me, my family, my personal analysis of the world around me, a showcase for my photography habit, and a place for me to express myself in writing...something I have neglected during the last 8 years of working on my phd.

I have to be honest though; setting up the blog itself has been a little humbling...I want the blog to "look" as good as some of the incredible examples I've become addicted to while still being a true extension of myself. That's what the blog is for after all. I finally was able to get a picture of two of my favorites resized and posted as my header. That process took me 3 days to figure out...hopefully as I learn my way through this process, other tasks won't take quite so long :)

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