Thursday, January 14, 2010

Reagan's Walk

The youngest and I looked for squirrels again today. I just have to say that never in my life have I ever experienced such squirrel squeamishness. We actually saw 2 or 3 today but they were running as if there was a great prairie fire approaching. (Just for the record, we do not live on a prairie.)

I told Reagan at one point as we were walking through the pasture behind our house that if we weren't looking for squirrels, we would probably see 100 of them! She thought that was very funny as a matter of fact! Her 5 year-old mind was envisioning 100 squirrels running around like the scene from the modern day version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp. "Daddy, I want a sucwirrel!!" demands Veruca Salt.

The youngest did notice the birds though...she even thoughtfully commented that they were probably too far up for me to photograph...

Since the sun was out this afternoon, the birds did seem to be flying a little more....more movement. Watching the birds and assuming that they are anticipating Spring made me wish for Spring...on Jan. 14 no doubt...oh boy, am I in trouble.

We did see a lot of squirrel nests...the youngest has learned to point them out now that she knows what those wads of sticks and twigs are...

When the squirrels wouldn't cooperate, we headed off down the street and found a fine specimen of "Pompous Grass." Now, I just LOVE Pompous Grass. How can you not? How can a person not love something so common as grass...that has a name like POMPOUS! Look at the grass! It stands up shouting, "Look at me! I am sooooo sassy! And, you need to see me!" Pompous Grass I'm sure is not its scientific or even proper name, but I don't reminds me of a feather on the top of some lady's hat...a snooty lady with her nose in the air...I like this grass...It's just sooooo silly!

On our way back home from our walk my youngest pointed out the sunset....she said, "Now there's what you need to take a picture of, Mommy! Just look at that sunset!" Needless to say the fire in the sky was much more impressive to her than any sassy grass!

This is the same sunset...just from a different angle, about 15 minutes later and with a different camera setting that took the shadows off the picture and played on the colors in the sky....WOW!

Maybe we'll see the squirrels tomorrow....and, maybe not.

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