Saturday, February 27, 2010


Beneigt is the adventurous one...

While it makes for great pictures sometimes, other times it causes great worry.

Beneigt officially belongs to my middle child.
Tonight she brought Beneigt to me and asked if I thought he was ok.
Every time she tried to pick him up he meowed as if he was in pain. 
At first I thought she was just being overly cautious, but then I realized that he really was in pain.
He even bit me to prove it when I tried to look at his tummy.

After being held by her daddy while she cried because she was worried about Beneigt, my middle child was finally calm enough to go to bed as long as I promised to keep an eye on her cat.
Beneigt is curled up at my feet sleeping next to Uh-Oh.

Once my oldest gets home from babysitting, I'm going off to dreamland where I'll hope for a hairball inside Beneigt's belly rather than some other  more serious reason for his discomfort.

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