Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Monday - Feb. 22

Last week was fast and furious...I made a Butterfinger cake for Wednesday night supper, a new Paula Deen recipe which I will share as soon as I get caught up on my recipe posts.  The only change to the plan last week was Thursday night.  My women's circle at church serves fabulous meatloaf when we cook so my children vetoed meatballs on Thursday night...too much like meatloaf.  My firstborn and middle children also had Show Choir practice Thursday night I apologize again to my stomach for eating McDonald's.  My youngest was thrilled!

Tonight, Monday, we're having barbeque hamburgers and PW's potato skins

Tuesday, we're having PW's chicken fried steak, green beans and mashed potatoes

Wednesday Night - church supper - we're having a benefit supper for a 17 yr. old child who has just been diagnosed with Melanoma (more on this later)...I'm cooking soup, dessert and cornbread...I'm leaning toward taco soup...and a new dessert..we'll see.

Thursday - PW's comfort meatballs

Friday - Homemade pizzas with PW's homemade pizza crust

Saturday - Show Choir competition (I'm working backstage - YIKES!)

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