Monday, February 15, 2010

Menu Monday

Whoa!  I'm way behind here!

Even though I haven't posted in a week or so about Menu Mondays, I have kept up with my commitment to cook more and to be more organized about dinner...I did find myself slipping back into that old rut of deciding on a daily basis this past week and I didn't like it one bit.  So, I'm back in the swing of things with a review of how the last two weeks went and the upcoming week's menu.

2 Mondays ago we had chicken and wild rice casserole as planned - family loved it and so did my work buddies the next day for lunch! 

2 Tuesdays ago was a BAD day, a no good, terrible, horrible very bad was so bad that we had McDonalds for supper!!!!!  I'm so ashamed!

2 Wednesdays ago was Wednesday Night Supper at church as usual - thank HEAVEN for Wednesday Night Suppers!!  We had loaded baked potatos and salad...mmmmm

2 Thursday nights ago my middle child requested barbeque hamburgers instead of the planned barbeque chicken so I indulged her...she doesn't request very often...and this is a childhood favorite of mine and now hers since my mom introduced her to it a few months ago.

Friday we left for Birmingham for a Show Choir weekend and returned on SuperBowl Sunday...I walked in the door with suitcases in my hands.  The Head of the Household said, "We gonna have some supper?" so we had Dominos...

Note to all husbands...NEVER ask if "we gonna have some supper" when your wife is still carrying the luggage in from the car and you never answered your phone all weekend when the washing machine repairwoman was trying to get in touch with you.  NEVER EVER ask if "we gonna have some supper" when your wife is walking through the door thinking she is going to get to wash the mountain of laundry that she left which is now even bigger since we've been out of town all weekend. 

The Head of My Household is a pretty smart guy...he really is...why he chooses to make comments and ask questions such as these...and under these circumstances, I'll never be able to guess???

Last Monday we had chili (yummy) - I never make chili the same way twice...I really don't...does anybody?

Last Tuesday we had a recipe that I found a year or so ago in a Paula Deen quick recipes's not really all that quick...but yummy just the's called Italian Chicken Casserole

Wednesday - Hallelujah! Wednesday Night Supper and even better than was Pot Luck!!! My absolute favorite!!

Thursday - Since the washing machine repairwoman had to come all the way to the house to find the serial number on my washing machine 2 days after she asked the Head of My Household to find it for her and he never did, I spent 3 hours of my life and $50 in quarters in the laundrymat tonight...Snow was on the way and my children had no clean underwear...nor any clothes!  I knew how many times my 5 year old was going to change clothes so I had to get some clean.  Panic was setting in as well about just how difficult the snow would make our pulse was racing with thoughts of no power, no heat, my children freezing and having to use dirty towels, etc. 

All that to say that we ate out at our favorite restaurant in town, Casedores...I ate almost an entire bowl of cheese dip by myself!!  I deserved it!

Friday we were snowed in (not really, but sorta...for Mississippi snow anyway :)  I cooked a late breakfast (eggs, bacon, grits, biscuits, link sausage) and Taco Soup for supper

Saturday I cooked breakfast again (pancakes, biscuits, strawberries and pineapple, pattie sausage, grits and oatmeal) and another family favorite for dinner, Fajita Tacos

Sunday - We ate in our school's cafeteria for lunch after church (we have made a habit out of this over the last several weeks) and we usually eat out with friends after evening church.  But, my firstborn had gone to a Mardi Gras parade in Pass Christian and had already eaten.  I had taken a 2 hr nap (Sunday afternoon naps are the greatest!!), had a snack when I woke up and wasn't that hungry, soooo the Head of the Household picked up McDonald's for the youngest, my middle child and himself (my stomach still hurts from the last time we ate there...McDonald's bleh!)

Whew!!  Now that I'm caught back up, I can focus on the week's another short one because we have another Show Choir competition in Birmingham...I'm leaving Friday morning again so I can spend some time with my mommy...if my washing machine is not fixed (repaired) by then, I may not come back home  (just kidding...well, maybe not)

Monday - Soccer Banquet

Tuesday - PW's chicken pot pie

Wednesday - Glory Be!! Wednesday Night women's circle is serving so I will have to cook but it will only be a dessert and some tea, not an entire fun to try something new!  I haven't decided what to fix yet.

Thursday - PW's comfort meatballs

Friday - on the road again...

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  1. I cracked up reading this!
    What are BBQ hamburgers?
    Did the washer ever get fixed?

    I really do need coupons for fresh food....Kroger does periodically send me some coupons for money off carrots or free grape tomatoes. Kroger is pretty good about sending coupons for products you typically buyl