Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Own Bed, Part 2

Mom, my youngest and I went to the Pottery Barn Kids store at The Summit in Birmingham, AL to look for a bed. 
My youngest LOVES to go into Pottery Barn Kids!
A 5 year old loves a furniture store?...Yes, indeed! 
Have you ever been inside Pottery Barn Kids??  If not, go now.
You'll immediately want to be a kid again so you can lay down on the beds and play with all the nifty stuff.

Anyway, after zooming around the store, we found a bed that satisfied us all and fit our room requirements, and we promptly ordered it for delivery at our home in MS within 2 weeks. 
My middle child called me at work on Thursday afternoon (just 3 days later!) to ask if she could put together the youngest's bed, which had just arrived! 

Now, my middle child has a knack for taking stuff apart and/or putting it together...but I'm always a little anxious when the stuff she's fiddling with is big ticket know big screen tv's, the loft bed she sleeps in, dvd's and computers, etc.
So, I pleaded, "Whit, please wait until I get home."
I could hear the excitement and anticipation in her voice as she replied, "But, Mama, I know I can do it...I helped Daddy put together my bed, so I know I can do this one."

I gave in and headed home a short while later...
Starting in the garage, then the hallway to the den and then finally the living and dining area, I saw various piles of stuff that looked similar to this: 

Then, I walked into the youngest's bedroom and saw this:
Please notice all the bed parts, big and small all over my youngest's room.

Please notice my middle child and her best buddy Mr. Screwdriver hard at work, happy as clams.
Please notice my youngest working just as hard playing with Tigger and Piglet.
Please also notice the bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and a can of coke on the floor next to my middle child.
Kinda looks like a construction site.

Hey, where'd she get that coke??

My middle child did reach a point Thursday where she had to stop; she had to go to pesky Show Choir practice. So, when I arrived home again on Friday, not only were there various boxes of stuff, there was also a mattress and box springs in my dining area which opens into our main living area. 


My youngest's bedroom looked a little more organized after I went around scooping up the trash I could see...I was scared to death I would throw away something the one screw that would hold the entire bed together.
My middle child had finished the trundle that goes under the bed as you can see...looks like a big youngest was already talking about which of her stuffed animals were going to be allowed to sleep in the trundle.

My middle child actually reads, comprehends and follows the directions. 
Please imagine how great all of our lives would be if more people did just this.
BTW my middle child is 15!!

I did have to remove my youngest from her bedroom from time to time while my middle child worked.
Especially times that required thinking and concentration.
My youngest has a tendency to keep a person from thinking and concentrating.
Must be all the jumping around and squealing she does.
Imagine that.

The Head of Our Household's contribution to the "putting the bed together 2 day operation" was to play his guitar.
Never mind that he's on the other side of the house and we couldn't even hear the music.
I think he needs to trim his strings?

With the youngest still banned from her room, my middle child put the bed frame together.
It was at this point in the process that I realized my middle child was really going to accomplish this task...ALL BY HERSELF.
Yes, I held a side or two while she screwed in the screws, yes, I took the pictures, yes, my youngest took care of all the squealing and jumping, and yes, the Head of Our Household even serenaded us with his guitar.
A real family effort, if you ask  me.
But my 15 year old was going to put her little sister's bed together ALL BY HERSELF!!
Holy Smokes!!

This was a thinking and comprehending moment.
She's holding a special package of black screws that are even tied with a red satin ribbon.
Where the heck do these screws go?

One of the coolest parts of this bed is the seriously solid pieces of wood that take the place of a box springs.  The wood slats are attached together like a rope bridge...very cool indeed!
Please do not notice the pile of stuff spilling out of my youngest's closet. 
We had to put her stuff somewhere!

Each one of the wooden slats has a hole on each end...a pre-drilled hole that attaches the slats to the bedframe.
Ah ha!!!  That's where all those little black screws go!!!

At this point, I sent in reinforcements.
Please notice my youngest is dressed in a cat suit.
She would like it if you noticed.
Please also notice the laptop on the bed middle child decided, as if she was an orthopedic surgeon, to get some tunes playing while she screwed in the 20 hundred and 11 little black screws to hold the bones of the bed together.

My youngest wanted to have some kind of contribution to putting her bed together so my middle child showed her how to put the screws in.

I have a feeling I better hide all the screwdrivers.

Awee!! Big sister, little sister :)

With all the screws in place we placed the mattress on top of the slats and rolled the trundle under the bed...smooth ride!

My cat suited youngest shows her appreciation for her NEW bed!!!

My middle child practiced rolling the trundle under and out from under the bed.

Uh-Oh wanted to know what we were going to do with the box springs.

When he found out he couldn't keep the box springs as a cat house, he then decided to inspect the half-opened trundle.

My youngest then tested the arm length needed to reach Uh-Oh from under the bed.
Uh-Oh was pleased to find that the task was more difficult than my youngest had anticipated.
Uh-Oh stored this information for later use.


To be continued...

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  1. We love Pottery Barn. Courtney's bedding is Pottery Barn Teen!