Thursday, February 25, 2010

PW's Apple Dumplin's

Each time we've been to my mom's the last few weeks she's sent us home with fruit.  I'm 41 and I still come home with "stuff" when I go to my mom's :)

My kids tell me all the time how they want a Sonic burger, McDonald's french fries or some other junk...but I'm always amazed that if I have fruit in the house, it gets eaten. 

Just like everything else my family eats, everyone has their favorite fruit.  They also have their favorite variety of dad, the retired horticulturist, taught me that different kinds of the same fruits are called "varieties." 

I love Granny Smith's, Fuji and Gala (apples of course)
The Head of My Household likes good old fashioned Red Delicious.
My firstborn likes Fuji
My middle child likes Granny Smith's like me but also Gala
And, my youngest likes whichever one you will slice up for her and put in a bowl with a scoop of peanut butter.
While I encourage my family to eat as healthy and as close to the natural product as possible, I do also like to splurge from time to time.  If I'm going to make a dessert, it's usually for a special function or on the weekends only.  We generally have an extra kid or two at our house at least one night per weekend.  I really enjoy my kids' friends being at our house, so I try to feed them as much as possible so they'll keep coming back :):)

Ree Drummond has an incredibly easy but absolutely fabulous recipe on her blog for Apple Dumplins.  I decided to use some of my apples to try out the recipe.  This recipe is a dessert, and as such it has sugar and butter.  Don't read any further if that bothers you.  It didn't bother me though...and it sure didn't bother my kids...they LOVE this recipe!

First thing I did was peel a couple of good sized Granny Smith apples (the green ones)
When I was a little girl my mom could peel an apple so that when she was done she would have one long swirly piece of apple peel :)
Sometimes I can do it, and sometimes I can't...I still have fun eating the peel though :)
Then I cored the apple...I have a little coring do-dad that I use...I've had it so long that I can't remember where I got it...but it does the job.

Then I cut the apple into 8 equal sized slices...why I have a picture of  my laptop instead of apple slices, I'll never know...but you can see Ree's directions on the website in this photo so it's pretty cool. 

Ree uses butter to coat her baking dish...I am addicted to this spray stuff...not for any reason in particular...I'm certainly not a butter snob.  But, I'm amazed at how food sticks to my pans like crazy if I don't use my spray stuff and how food doesn't stick to my pans if I do use the spray stuff.
I'm not a fan of pans, baking dishes etc. that have food stuck all over them. So, whenever possible I use my spray stuff. If I don't have any spray stuff, it actually makes me a little anxious. Case in point, the morning I had to make sausage without my spray stuff.

It all worked out...but I had to soak that pan forever!
I'm not picky about my spray stuff...I've tried bunches and one seems to work just as well as the other.

The dough for the dumplins couldn't be simpler...good ole crescent rolls.
I am picky about crescent rolls...they need to be Pillsbury...
I need to see the little doughboy...
and hear his little giggle in my head. 
Do those commercials even come on anymore?
I've tried "other" brands...they don't seem to be as may be all in my head but I'm sticking with my doughboy :) and NOT sticking to my pans!

I pulled apart my crescent rolls using the convenient little perforations as my crescent roll per apple slice...very simple....
Then I wrapped each apple slice in its little dough blanket...starting at the wide end so that the flap can swoosh on the top for a little apple dumplin doughboy flair :)

I lined all the little dumplins up in my baking dish...or I tried to anyway...they kept sliding around :)

I melted 2 sticks of butter just like Ree told me to...then I slightly stirred in 1 1/2 cups of sugar...the sugar is not supposed to dissolve in the butter so I didn't panic when mine didn't. 

Then I added 1 tsp. of vanilla to the grainy buttery sugary stuff in my saucepan

After I stirred in the vanilla, I poured that potful of stuff right on top of my dumplins...

Ree told me it would be pretty soupy so I didn't panic about that either...My dumplins were swimming in butter and sugar!

Here's the wild and crazy part of this recipe:

If I remember correctly, this recipe is Ree's mom's recipe.
She uses Mountain Dew in her Apple Dumplin' recipe!!!
Sound funny?
I thought so too...till I tasted it!!! Whoa, Nelly!!
I think the actual recipe calls for 12 oz. or some such amount like that, but Ree used one of these squatty cans...
my youngest says they're "just her size."

I just poured the squatty can of Mountain Dew over my dumplins.

Really really soupy now...

Then, I sprinkled cinnamon on the dumplins...Ree suggests to use as much as you I did.  You should too.

Here's my entire pan of dumplins, coated in cinnamon and taking a nice warm bath in butter and sugar!  What better dessert could one wish for?

I put the dumplins in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until the apple dumplins got really nice and brown and even flaky on the top...because of the liquid underneath, the bottom of the dumplins remains squishy and gooey...almost like the inside of a cinnamon roll...

I couldn't take a picture of the finished product fast hooligans were coming in the kitchen once the dumplins started baking in the oven because they could smell the delicious aroma wafting through the house.  Some crazy kid even talked me into buying ice cream in the dead of winter to go with our dessert.  As soon as the dumplins were ready, they were standing by with their bowls of ice cream ready for a dumplin and some of the goo in the bottom of the pan to be used as syrup on the ice cream. 
I've made this recipe twice's a hit!
And, most importantly, it doesn't wear me out :)

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