Friday, February 19, 2010


My mom has a new puppy...

Ladies and Gentlemen...let me introduce you to Her Royal Highness...Sadie!!

Please do not even try to say that you were able to control yourself from saying "Awwwwwww" when you saw this picture.....

Sadie is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel...or something like that...only thing I know for sure is that she is, hands down, a cutie patootie.

We're visiting my mom this weekend and Sadie just came home with my mom yesterday...she's the newest member of the family but you'd never know it the way she interacts with my children...In the picture above she is resting in my firstborn's lap while giving my youngest some sweet puppy kisses!  Not only is Sadie cute, but she is also a multitasker!

Here's Sadie with my middle child...Sadie is protecting herself from the harsh glow of the peppermint paparrazzi flash...

Better get used to that, Sadie gal!

But, Sadie forgave me for my flashes with more of her kisses...Sadie knows 2010 is the year of forgiveness :)  She's a smart little cutie patootie!

This was a little more sugar than I was prepared for...but it's all good...if you've ever smelled puppy breath, you know what I mean!

If I have not convinced you yet of Sadie's successful integration into our family, this picture should finally put any concerns to rest.  First of all, Sadie is on the couch...even adults are not allowed to bring drinks, food, etc. into my mom's den, much less on the couch. 

But, here's little Sadie...not only is she on the couch, but she's chewing on one of my mom's pillows!!   You can't see my mom in this picture, but she's giggling over to the side about how cute Sadie is!! 

My brother and I better watch thing we know Sadie's pictures will replace ours!!  Yikes!

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