Friday, February 12, 2010


At 7:30 this morning my youngest woke me up with urgent whispers.


No answer.


Again, no answer.  But, I did open one eye.

"Mama, can I go see if it snowed??"

A little more concious at this point, I said, "Sure, but no matter what, you have to get back in the's too early to get up."

7:30 is not my idea of sleeping late.

As soon as she got the blinds open, I knew I was getting up.  "Mama! Mama! There's snow EVERYWHERE!" 

The urgent whispers had now become high pitched squealing.

The official word for nightfall is 3 inches.  Now, I don't write in this blog for anyone else but me.  But, I enjoy reading the blogs of others and particularly enjoy some of the folks who blog from parts of the country where snow is a part of life.  So, I'm ever mindful that those very folks (if they even look at my blog) are laughing their heads off right now...

"3 inches!!!!  This country gal ain't seen nothin'!!!"

But, listen...

3 inches...and it's still's 10:57 a.m. as I type this and it's STILL SNOWING!!  HARD!!!

I took this picture from my front porch...Notice the Mississippi Pines...they look like Weeping Willows already...

This is my backyard...a typical backyard in Southern Mississippi...swimming pool (please don't notice the leaves that need to be scooped out of the pool), patio furniture and lots of room for being outside and having a good time...

In Southern Mississippi we also have lots of pots and supplies for planting flowers and veggies...our last freeze is earlier than most and winter doesn't last as long as most other parts of the country to begin with so I don't even bother to put my pots up...this pot looks like it's in shock...

"Please, please, help me....I'm being attacked by white stuff...!"

Most Southern Mississippi backyards have a grill...The Head of our Household also built the little brick patio the grill sits on for me...I absolutely love my little patio...when we built the pool last summer, my builder wanted to pull up my bricks and expand the concrete patio.  Let me see...little brick patio that my husband built for me with his own two hands...or more concrete slab??  

We do have plans to expand the deck and the patio area, all of which were built before the pool, but I will build around my little brick patio :)

The diving board looks cool with snow...sortof a contradiction, don't you think?

Our temperatures fluctuate a great deal here...we take a lot of sinus medicine for this very reason...but sometimes it's tough on the plants and shrubs as well.  This little plant thought it was time to bud...hope the snow doesn't hurt it too badly.

This is the limb of a Mississippi Pine covered in snow...Mississippi Pines are a signature tree in our state and you can see them even more commonly than the Magnolia tree. 

But...pines are weak...we learned this the hard way when Hurricane Katrina doesn't take much for a pine to snap.   I'm trying right now to enjoy the snow and not worry about what all this heavy snow is going to mean to the pine trees...not to mention the power lines that are within reach of falling limbs. 

I'll think about that tomorrow.

Here's one of the Magnolia trees in my backyard...mixed in with some Oaks and of course the Mississippi Pines...After Hurricane Katrina, as a way of dealing with their post traumatic stress disorder caused by all the chaos that erupted in the hurricane's aftermath, most folks cut down all the trees around their homes Of course, they had to get the trees off their roofs and out of their houses first. 

I don't mean some of their trees.
I mean all of their trees.

I just couldn't do it.

Most of our trees made it through Katrina...we had one in the back that fell nowhere near our house and one that fell in the front with just its tip touching our garage. 

I couldn't punish my trees for the actions of the other trees in our neighborhood.

I hope my trees remember my post Katrina kindness as they labor through the snow today...which, by the way, at 11:36 as I get ready to publish this post, is STILL FALLING!

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