Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Reagan!

6 years ago today I gave birth to my 3rd and last baby.

Even though she was just about the biggest surprise in my life so far, I cannot imagine life without her.

My youngest is my biggest fan.

She wants to be right in the middle of everything, needs lots of reassurance that she's doing things the "right" way and is scared to death that she's going to miss something.

My youngest can fight with her two teenage sisters as if she was as old as they are and/or have a logical conversation with them that leaves us all speechless or in tears because we're laughing so hard at her quick comebacks.

She has no trouble voicing her opinion and wants to be right there with the "big girls" all the time.

My youngest loves to dress up...and spends time almost every day changing into a variety of old dance recital outfits from big box that sits in our hall because if we put it up, we'll just have to drag it right back out again.

With my youngest I've experienced the joy of having a child later in life when I was able to realize what's really important and more importantly...what's not.

Where has the time gone?

Happy Birthday, Reagan :)
Mommy loves you very much!

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  1. Reagan's newborn picture is beautiful!

    I see that you saw that I gave you the blog award! I am so sorry that I didn't check to see that Terri (a high school friend of mine) had already given it to you! You can see that I am behind in the blogging world! I have barely been online for a week!
    I have really enjoyed reading about you and your family. Keep blogging!