Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Monday, March 1

Last week's menus went ok...I started off strong but gave out by the end of the week...One thing that I know would help is organizing not only my meal plan but my trips to the grocery store trips so that I'm not trying to remember what I need each day before I leave work.  The grocery store that I have to pass on my way home has spoiled me!

My kids always love the barbeque hamburgers that we had on Monday, and PW's potato skins are spectacular! 

On Tuesday, I should have pounded my cubed steak and thinned it out a little more...I already talked to my butcher about this...he happens to be in one of my writing classes :)

Wednesday we raised $2100 for the teenager with melanoma...I made Taco Soup, PW's Apple Dumplins, and cornbread...I tripled my recipe for Taco Soup and doubled PW's Apple Dumplins...not a bite was left of either!!  My cornbread could have been better...still thinking about that one.

I used barbeque sauce instead of the sauce in PW's recipe for Comfort Meatballs on Thursday...I didn't like it so kids ate meatballs for supper and snack after school the next day though so it must have been ok...I'm anxious to try this recipe again with the right sauce.

By Friday I was beat...and I had forgotten to make the pizza crust the night before.  I was so beat that I can't remember what we ate...I just remember I didn't cook it.

Here's this week's plan:

Monday - Tacos

Tuesday - crock pot recipe (PW's perfect roast)...also baking cupcakes for Rea's b-day

Wednesday - Reagan's B-day - Wednesday Night Supper - Youth Breakfast...I'm supposed to bring frozen biscuits and a dessert.  I'm going to try to make PW's cinnamon rolls for "dessert" since they're sortof breakfasty...Along with my frozen biscuits, I'm going to throw together a breakfast casserole just for the heck of it.  I would much rather have more food than we need than to run out.

Thursday - Anniversary PW chicken parmesan

Friday - PW Pizza

Saturday - Our last show choir competition is tonight...need to make bfast and lunch (new spaghetti sauce recipe?)

Sunday - bberry muffins, cafeteria for lunch, out for dinner with friends after church

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