Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Monday, March 8

Last week was a bad week for cooking. 

Monday started off ok; we had tacos, an easy family favorite, just as we originally planned.

Tuesday, however, we had several errands to run in the town 25 miles south of us, so we left right after school and did not return home until 6.  The organized mommy that I am forgot to put anything in the crockpot, so we had another easy "fall back on" supper of ham steaks with pineapple slices, black-eyed peas, macaroni & cheese and biscuits. 
The black-eyed peas came out of a can.
I'm so ashamed.

My grand plans for Wednesday Night Supper at church came to a screeching halt Tuesday night.  I bought the biscuits I had been assigned to bring as well as the ingredients for cinnamon rolls and the breakfast casserole I planned to make.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize until I was cleaning up from Tuesday night's supper that I should have bought whole milk for the cinnamon rolls, and my breakfast casserole, for which I planned to pick up the sausage after school Wednesday, was supposed to sit overnight in the refrigerator :p
Neither of these recipes could be made in the time I had alotted for them.
Good grief!!

Wednesday night I sent my children with their frozen biscuits (bc it was a youth supper) to the grocery store to buy a frozen pie (double shame). 

It all went even more downhill by Thursday.  As a matter of fact, Thursday was just downright a bad day all the way around.  Not only did my firstborn get her heart broken and need my undivided attention, but both my older children had show choir practice.  The youngest and I decided to attend practice to stay close to our big girls, and we ended up eating at Sonic afterwards.
I'm the worst parent in America...I feel nauseous just thinking about Sonic.
I'm sorry if anyone ever reads this and owns the Sonic franchise.
Sonic just hurts my stomach.

Friday we attended our college's Spring drama production and ate out again
See, epic failure (my children love to say that phrase) last week as far as cooking is concerned.

I'm afraid this week will be worse because it will be the shortest week yet.  I have to go out of town on Wednesday and won't be back until Friday...which means I only have Monday and Tuesday to redeem myself. 
Oh my, feeling the pressure!
I do have a grand plan for Spring Break week which is the week after I get back...but more on that later.

Here's what I have ahead of me:
Monday - chicken strips, french fries and one of the vegetable packets from my freezer that my mom sent home with me.

Tuesday - roast, carrots and potatoes...I already have the ingredients so hopefully it will finally work out and I will remember to put everything in the crockpot. 

Wednesday - I will be on my way to Oakland, CA and the Head of My Household will be in charge...pray for my children ;)

Thursday - I will be in an all day research meeting - pray for me - my attention span is always challenged during the afternoon portions of these meetings...especially dealing with the 2 hr. time difference.

Friday - I'll be traveling home and won't get to our house till evening. 

Saturday - We're going back to Kids in My Kitchen!!! This time for my youngest's birthday party!!! Yay!!!

Im letting myself off the hook for last week, goin to get my work done this week and look forward to an enjoyable Spring Break!


  1. Too funny! I always do stuff like that-have good intentions to make something and then I completely forget a most important ingredient. But good for you taking time to give your kids (particularly the broken-hearted one) the attention they needed. :) I have never had Sonic. *gasp!*

  2. Be very glad that you have never had Sonic, Taylor...grease, grease and more grease!