Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break Day 1

I'm taking a break from Menu Monday this week...It's Spring Break!! 

We had a great day today!
First thing we did was sleep late.
Now, I could pretend that I like to get up before everybody else and spend 2 hours before dawn puttering around my house.
But I would be lying.
I LOVE to sleep late.
I think mostly because I don't get to very often.
Or, maybe I like sleeping late just because I like sleeping late.
What's really great is when everybody else sleeps late too...ahhh!!!

The Head of Our Household had to go to work.
That's what happens when you are a "Big Time" administrator instead of a "Little Time" faculty member.
He made as much noise as he possibly could before leaving for work, but it didn't faze us.
We were sleeping late :)

Today and tomorrow are our official days set aside for house cleaning.
My house is in a complete state of disarray.
Under normal circumstances we are all like chickens with our heads cut off...running here and there and everywhere. 
So, on a week like this one, I really can take time to sit back and survey the damage.
I estimate that the "damage" is going to take 2 days at least.

We were completely out of groceries I made a list and sent my firstborn to Wal-Mart.
I hate Wal-Mart.
I'm sorry.
I just hate it.
It's not Wal-Mart's fault really.
It's mine.

You see, I can't go in Wal-Mart without spending bookoodles of $$$$$.
Even if I only go in there for one or two items, I end up coming out with 20 more.
My friend Missie, who is a Wal-Mart queen, says I get too distracted by the "shiny" things.
My firstborn said the same thing today.  I think she and Missie have been talking behind my back :)
I personally am actually better off going to the smaller grocery store here in our little town and paying a little more for a few items than I am if I'm let loose in Wal-Mart.

I went over the list with my firstborn...making sure she knew which items I needed certain brands for and which items I was perfectly satisfied to have the "Great Value" brand for (please don't judge me for ending this sentence with a preposition).

One of the items on the list was garlic.
I'm making a concerted effort to quit buying the already minced garlic in a jar.
If Pioneer Woman can mince her own garlic, then so can I!
Anyway, I told her to get 4-5 cloves of garlic.
Guess what happened?
Do you know?
Of course you do.  Because you probably have been mincing your own garlic forever.
Here's what my beautiful child brought me from Wal-Mart:

At least we won't have vampires in the house!

If I had any garlic mincing street smarts at all, I would have known to be sure and tell her that each pod of garlic contains 4-5 cloves.
My firstborn loves garlic as much as I do.
This boo-boo was enough to justify to me that the pre-minced stuff will be a thing of the past from now on.  We both need to learn more about the real thing.

The good news is, however, that my firstborn had no problems sticking to the list.
Even though she had my debit card with her unsupervised!
She will be 17 this week, had her mother's debit card in Wal-Mart and unlike her 41 year old mother, was able to stick to the list!
Wow!  That was just about all I could say.  Wow!
(Name that children's book.)

Mostly what we did today though was enjoy a slower pace than normal.
The sunshine and warmer weather are welcome strangers in Southern Mississippi, so we couldn't help but be somewhat lighthearted all day long.

My youngest though wins the prize for enjoying her first day of Spring Break the most:
This is a Southern Gal's idea of Spring Break: big wheel, swimsuit, sunglasses and a fishin' pole...doesn't get much better than that!

The mischeveous look on my youngest's face is because every time she came around the corner, she accidently ran over my middle child who was "tanning."

About the third time my youngest accidently ran over her sister, my middle child threatened to throw her and her big wheel into the swimming pool.
My middle child also threatened me if I took pictures of her.
My youngest and I took my middle child's threats seriously.

She looks worried, doesn't she?
What a HAM!


  1. Nice! WHere do you live that you can already be out in swimsuits?!? We are at about 45 degrees here. Your daughter would get along swimmingly with my 2 girls.

    Have fun on Spring Break. Our isn't for another 2 weeks. I am excited for a break from loading up 4 kids 3 times a day!

  2. We are about an hour from the MS Gulf Coast. We had temps in the 60's yesterday. It wasn't warm enough for ME to put on a swimsuit...or any other normal person...but my middle and youngest kid just HAD to work on their tans. The water is still around 55 degrees so absolutely no swimming took place, even though Reagan asked repeatedly. I had to tell her there were germs in the water to make sure she didn't "accidently" fall in. She's quite a worrier so the germ thing works perfectly :)

  3. My little brother and cousins were jumping in the pool over the weekend, it was 56 degrees out and the water was a balmy 45 degrees. It looked like the water had springs, they would jump in and immediately back out, then into the hottub to defrost... silly boys.