Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break Day 3

Typical of Mississippi weather, Day 3 of Spring Break was nothing like Day 1.
The sun was shining all day :)
By Day 3, as you can see in this picture, she is wearing a sweatshirt, jeans and sparkly shoes.
We actually haven't seen the sun since Day 1 :(
 Sparkly shoes have nothing to do with the weather; they're just standard wardrobe around our house.
At least for my youngest anyway :)

The bigggest excitement of the day involved a frog. 
Please notice that my youngest has changed clothes.
The frog pictures were taken less than a couple of hours after the sweatshirt, jeans, sparkly shoes picture.
This 6 year old is one of the main reasons I have such a pile of laundry!

 You have to look hard in the previous picture to see the frog, so here's a close up.
Mr. Frog is the grey lump surrounded by my youngest's sweet little hands.

 I don't care too much for frogs. 
My youngest wanted badly to play with this one.
She got very close to him and would even touch him.
But, as soon as he hopped, she jumped...and so did I!!
While I wanted her to experience the whole frog experience...whatever that entails...I also couldn't help but think of all the germs this frog probably had.
He just had that "germy" look.
I used my zoom lens to take this picture and was scared to death Mr. Frog was going to jump while I was taking his picture.
 Don't look at me like that, Mr. Frog.

 No sparkly shoes in this picture.
Bare feet this time.

 The surprise of the day was this.
The Head of Our Household was digging dirt for my raised garden beds when he found Mr. Frog.
I sent my dad, the retired horticulturist, the link to PW's raised beds and asked for his input.
He is actually arriving tomorrow to help me get 2 beds started.

I didn't ask the Head of Our Household to build this bed for me. 
I just told him about wanting some beds.
That's the kind of guy he is.
I also happened to mention that I was planning to put my garden beds in my old garden spot.
The same spot where the Head of Our Household paid landscapers to lay sod after our pool was built last summer.  

 I honestly had forgotten about the sod.
I would have remembered before we placed the beds.
I think.
Guess the Head of Our Household wanted to make sure.
That's just the kind of guy he is :)

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  1. Those are some great pictures! The frog does look a little "germy" but I'm sure your daughter thought it was great!