Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Washing Machine That Works

A few weeks ago my washing machine broke.
Our family of 5 was without a washing machine for almost 2 solid weeks while we waited for a part to come in.
Our washing machine was still under warranty, thank goodness, but when the company is providing you with a part free of charge, they sure take their time getting it to you!

Laundry piles up at our house in a should see it right now when the washing machine is working just fine!
So, just imagine what a nightmare it was when the washing machine was broken!!

During this 2 weeks, I gathered all our clothes and went to the laundramat...twice.
Not the best experiences I've ever had in my life.
Two more nights where nobody dared ask me what was for dinner.

After the 2nd trip to the laundramat, my children didn't argue with me when I said,
"All you people, get out here and help me with these clothes!"
My car was literally filled to the rim with baskets and piles of clothes.

Once we brought the clothes inside and piled them all up on my bed, my children, feeling very pleased with themselves indeed for helping their mommy, went right back to watching t.v., playing on the computer, and reading.
I had to remind them that the clothes would not fold themselves.
I, of course, whispered this to them in a very sweet and loving voice: :)

Here's my firstborn with our pile of laundry...Uh-Oh looks very concerned that she's possibly lost her mind...could be a result of child labor?

Please notice that in this next picture you can't even tell that the clothes are on a bed...please also notice my youngest in the very back, standing on my bed, amongst all those clothes...wonder what she's got up her sleeve??

Aha! She found her Spongebob pajamas, changed her clothes, and decided to try skydiving off the top of the mountain of clothes!
That's what Spongebob would do anyway!
Note to self: if all these children would quit changing their dang clothes so much, we might not have piles of laundry all over everywhere.

Beneigt was loads of help...
Ok, sorry I couldn't resist a little laundry humor :)

How bout this trick performed by my middle child??
Folding and texting!
Now that should be against the law!!

One of my favorite things is a washing machine that works!

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