Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday at the Library - Oct. 28

Sammy the Seal

Oh Sammy...I remember you from when I was a kid!! I absolutely love it when my youngest picks out books that have been around for ages. She got so tickled with Sammy and his school antics :):)
Sammy lives in the zoo, but he's bored. The zookeeper gives Sammy a few days off; Sammy runs into some children and goes to school with them.
After a day of funny business the teacher finally has to remind Sammy that he can't read and write and that children are the only ones who can read and write and go to school.
Sammy isn't sad or anything; he's had a good visit with the children and is happy to go back to his pool at the zoo where his new friends, the school children, come and visit him.
The illustrations of this book are very 70'sish...very interestingly, my youngest never noticed anything out of the ordinary about that. :)
I guess a good story is a good matter what era it comes from.

Duck Rabbit

I've been gnashing my teeth over how to describe this book to you. I personally was not that fond of it, but my youngest LOVED it!!!

If you look at the cover design carefully, you will a duck and a rabbit.
The long appendages on the left are either the duck's bill...
or the rabbit's ears.

Do you see it now??

We were about 3-4 pages in when my youngest started yelling,

"I see it now, Mama!!!!"
As you open this book, on both sides you see the same picture...
but on one side of the book, the duck is talking...
and on the other side of the book, the rabbit is talking.
They are talking to each other.


Do you see why I wasn't so sure about this one???
But again, the youngest loved it...and giggled all the way through it!

The Cat in the Hat Audiobook

I have an audiobook in my vehicle. I listen to it as I'm shuttling children around everyday. It takes me a long time to listen to a book this way, but hey, at least I do eventually finish it.

My youngest found this audiobook at the library and brought it to me. She said we could listen to a book about The Cat in the Hat instead of the two ladies who take turns talking. (I'm listening to Traveling with Pomegrantes by Sue Monk Kidd and her daugther Ann...and they do indeed take turns talking...prefacing each switch by saying their names...I guess my youngest is not impressed :/)

Anyhoo...this audiobook is in fact not only The Cat in the Hat read by Kelsey Grammer but Horton Hears a Who and other Dr. Seuss stories read by other celebrities.

My youngest has requested The Cat and the Hat several times...but loses interest when we reach Horton...Kelsey Grammar does a good job with The Cat...but I lose interest quickly as well...and here's why I think that is:

Children's books are very definitely about the doubt about that...but they are just as much about the illustrations. 

I spent a lot of time in my childhood with a little red and white record player and my little 45 records as I flipped through the pages of Disney storybooks to follow along with the audio. I don't think children's books on audiotape offer that same experience. Books on CD with the paperback storybooks are still available and maybe that's what we need to get for the car.

That is certainly my opinion based on very limited experience with kids' audiobooks with just the audio...and I will follow my youngest's lead on checking any more out.

But, I bet we don't.


  1. Great choices, especially The Cat in the Hat because I'm just such a sucker for Dr. Seuss stories. It's hard to resist those witty rhymes!

  2. You featured some wonderful books. I think my son would get a kick out of DUCK! RABBIT! Thanks for sharing!