Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless (Almost) Wednesday, Nov. 3

He's such a smart fella :)


  1. What a handsome cat...and so well read :)

  2. Aw, your cat is so cute! I would love to bet him, he looks so soft.:)

  3. Magazines are nice for a quick read, I suppose, but he really needs to get some Shakespeare recommendations from Squeaker. You know, to round out his literary repetoire.

  4. He is SO cute!! and much more clever than my cat :-)

  5. Thank you, Angela!!

    Natalie, I am obviously biased but he is a very good boy...and he loves his mommy ;)

    Book Girl, I will be sure to give him your compliments ;)

    Irena, he is very soft and likes to snuggle after we've all settled in for the night :)

    Kent Island Red, LOL!! Uh-Oh would love to have a conversation with Squeakers about his reading selections <:0P I do not think Squeakers would be as open to that idea for some reason though ;)

    Willa, He is clever! Thanks! He knows how to open some doors and drinks water only from the bathroom faucet...none of that unsanitary water bowl business for him ;)

    Dishesdone, Thanks! He likes to play on my laptop as well...especially to lay on it when he thinks I'm not paying him enough attention :)

  6. How cute!! Lol in one photo he looks like he wants to tear the magazine to shreds. I love kitties but can't have one because the little sis is allergic to them :(

  7. Too funny!

    And he looks just like my cat Joe (who, sadly, is in cat heaven). They could be twins!

  8. Oh dear, this post is RIGHT up my alley!
    First of all, I love his name...and, clearly, he's terribly smart...
    I love how he licks his paw before turning the page!

  9. Kelly, my middle daughter has asthma so we have to be careful..her cat is Uh-Oh's brother Beneigt who is long haired. She has a loft bed and we have to work tirelessly to keep the cats out of her bed...they tend to think it's their hideout ;)

    Jenners, my cat before Uh-Oh was also a black cat named Shach...I catch myself a lot calling Uh-Oh some of the nicknames I used to use for Shach...I get way too attached...

    Danni, Uh-Oh used to get in trouble all the time when he was a kitten...we were all walking around saying "Uh-oh, where's the kitten now...what has he gotten himself into?" The expression Uh-Oh stuck and wallah, he had his name :)
    LOL, I hadn't even thought about him licking his paw before turning the page but I can see it now :):)
    Thanks very much for your sweet comments yesterday...your stories and other postings inspire me as well...I live a life on the farm vicariously through you :)

  10. Awwww! He's so cute! Reminds me of my boy... he's into everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) too.