Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Salon #1 - Reading Multiple Books Simultaneously

Many of the book bloggers that I read religiously participate in The Sunday Salon:

At Home with Books

Rhapsody in Books

You've GOTTA Read This

Bibliophile by the Sea

A Striped Armchair

The Zen Leaf

The Betty and Boo Chronicles

Book Chatter

My Cozy Book Nook

It didn't take me long to decide that I wanted to show up in the salon on Sundays and have bookish, life discussions with these wonderful ladies.

Then, I found out that the Salon was closed. :(

At 500 members the Salon had grown to a point that the facilitators had reached their facilitation limit.
As much as I wanted to participate, once I found out the Salon was closed to new members, I NEEDED to participate. So, I was almost drooling the day a couple of weeks ago I learned that The Sunday Salon was opening again!!! Wahoo!!  I sent in my little request to the new Facebook group of new members and found out this afternoon that I am now an official member of The Sunday Salon!
Yay me!!

For my first Sunday Salon I want to talk a little bit about reading more than one book at a time. 
When I first started blogging and reading other book bloggers, I couldn't even imagine how in the world book bloggers could read more than one book at a time.  I also still cannot imagine how other book bloggers write reviews of books while they are reading others and especially be working on reviews of books they read weeks before.  My small brain can't do that yet and probably never will be able to.

However, after just celebrating my 1 year blogging anniversary I realize that I am reading multiple books at one time...and I really didn't even purposely try to do that.

For example, right now I have a book on my nightstand, March by Geraldine Brooks that I decided to read along with Little Women, Little Men and Jo's Boys which are all downloaded on my Kindle.  The only time I pick up March is before bed, but I after downloading the Kindle app to my Blackberry, I can access anything on my Kindle via Blackberry no matter where I am or how much limited time I have.  I usually read my Kindle selections during the first hour of bedtime while waiting on my youngest to fall asleep.

I also have my fun read, Four to Score, and the selection for my Feminist Classics Book Club, A Vindication of Women's Rights, downloaded to my Kindle.
Quite a difference in those two books, let me tell you!
I do think Mary Wollenstonecraft would have approved of Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter, however ;)
I have to read MW a little at at time...a chapter here and there...with time in between to think and process, but Stephanie Plum can be read without much thought at all...just pure enjoyment, giggles and a literary crush on an Italian hunk named Morrelli :)

War and Peace is also on my Kindle...this one is a year long ReadAlong so I'll work through it a chapter a day...there's a lot of history in this one so I'll need the time, belive me.

The audiobook Traveling with Pomegrantes by Sue Monk Kidd is in my car and I listen to snippets as I'm driving...honestly I've been listening to this one a little longer than I normally would and am probably going to give myself permission to let it go soon :(
If I find something to replace it at the library this week, I'll know it's a sign.

I write my reviews as I read.
Each of the books I'm reading already has a post opened up with the book name as the title.  I mark possible quotes as I read and add info to the review posts as I think about them.  Once I completely finish a book, I play with what I have listed in the post, adding in my thoughts, deleting things that might have seemed important but not so much now that I know the "big picture."
I "play" with those posts for a while, and if I'm organized, I'll have a review ready to post that I've spent some time on.  I'm not a short review writer though.  I'm wordy and I know it, but that's just me.

I expect to finish both Little Men and Four to Score this week.
Maybe even by tomorrow since we just got word that school is snow for us, just the dreaded ice and rain :p

Up next, I'll be choosing selections for my Foodie, YA and Memoir Challenges: The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Baumeister, Fallen by Lauren Kate, and Louisa May Alcott by Harriet Riesen.



  1. You said..."I write my reviews as I read.
    Each of the books I'm reading already has a post opened up with the book name as the title. I mark possible quotes as I read and add info to the review posts as I think about them. "...
    I'm totally stealing this idea!!

    Alas... even on snow days I'm only a mile from work and have 4WD, so I'm always there :)

    I did not know the Salon reopened!! That's great! I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do 2 books at a time... maybe if I did fiction/nonfiction? Do dull ole text books count?

  2. You are not only highly organized - but you actually follow through (something that I have problems with) Good for you!

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day. I can't decide if I will read, bake or scrapbook. Maybe a bit of all three ....

  3. Laura, I meant to link the Facebook page where you can request to join...sorry bout that!!/home.php?sk=group_188946654450268

  4. I definitely write my reviews as I read. I try to make sure I do reviews not later than 5 days after I've finished the books so everything else is still fresh in my mind.

    I'll probably spend tomorrow reading too, it just started snowing here! :]

  5. Welcome to the Salon! To be honest, when I switched over to Wordpress I never updated my information with the Salon so I have no idea if I'm technically part of the system or not...oh well. I'm not in it for anything other than book discussions so that doesn't bother me. :)

    I prefer to be reading only 1-2 books at a time, but this year I'm going to be reading usually 4 at a time. The only reason I'm okay with that is because one will be a short story collection that I'm reading through one story per day, and one will be more of a homework project than a reading project (reading Harry Potter in French). Then that just leaves my one book and my one audiobook. I think I'm okay with that. But before I began blogging, I never read more than one at a time either.

  6. I always mean to write my reviews as I go but then never do. I'm hoping to be better this year.

    I've been reading two books at once since I can remember but now that I'm adding audio books to the mix I've got three or four going at once. I don't know how it's going to work, we'll have to see.

    Oh, and how exciting about Salon Sunday, I'll have to head over there and check it out.

  7. I'm glad you're part of the Sunday Salon now! And happy to be in your list of book bloggers at the beginning. :)

    Welcome to the multiple-books-at-once club! lol I usually have four hard books going plus an audiobook; I'm curious to see how my Nook will fit into that. But I make sure that the four books are v different styles; two are always nonfic anyway, and I rarely read two book from the same genre at once.

    I'm impressed with how organised you are re: writing your reviews!

  8. I used to be a devout one book reader. But then I started book blogging and slowly morphed into a one fiction book reader, a non-fiction/serious books reader and an audiobook listener. I found if the books are different enough, I can read all three at once without problems. I've actually found it helpful as I need to balance more difficult books with lighter reads. Of course, if one is really really good, it takes over all my reading!

    I've still not mastered the art of writing my reviews in a timely manner though!