Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Ten Bookish/Blogging Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday is my very favorite meme and was created and is hosted by the ladies at The Broke and the Bookish each Tuesday.  This week's list is:

Top Ten Bookish/Blogging Resolutions

1.  Post every single day...even if it's just a photograph - I do better if I'm in a routine, and once I skip a
     day, it's easier to skip another. 

2.  Download books to my ipod and do some kind of exercise while listening.  So far, I've only listened to
     audiobooks in my car; I'm not sure why it never occurred to me to listen to books while walking, etc.  I
     have to find my ipod first though :p  Maybe I'll also wait until it warms up outside some ;) 

3.  Set aside time for personal reading every. single. day. PERIOD.

4.  Read magazines the day they come in the mail!  I'm a magazine maniac, and if I let them pile up on
     me, I quickly begin to feel overwhelmed and I feel as if I'm wasting money.  No, the answer to this
     problem is NOT to quit subscribing ;)
5.  Reorganize Mondays. Mondays give me problems for some reasons, but the organizing wannabe in
     me sees Mondays as a fresh start each week.  Saying that my blog is "eclectic" is a nice way to say,  "She
     sure does talk about a lot of stuff!"  I don't always stick to my plans, but the plan does give me a
     boost...for example, if I commit to Magazine Monday, then I'm more likely to read my magazines; if I
     commit to Menu Monday, I'm more likely to plan a menu, etc.  I also want to continue with my library
     postings and coupon postings.  BUT, I don't want to do any of these posts on a weekly basis.  So, I
     think Mondays will become Management Monday, and I will take turns with Menus, Library, Magazines
     and Coupons.  There, I feel better already :)

6.  Dedicate myself even more to memes I LOVE: Top Ten Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Snapshot
     Saturday, Weekend Cooking, and Sunday Salon.

7.  Commit to at least one book review per week on Thursdays.  If I review one book per week, that
     would mean by the end of the year I will have read and reviewed at least 52 books.  I've never kept up
     with how many books I've read over the course of a year, but I'm officially keeping track in 2011.

8.  Alternate Hopping on Fridays - There are several hops out there that I've wanted to participate in, but
     I don't want to post multiple hops in one post...that distracts me...that sentence alone distracts and
     confuses me.  So I'm going to start hopping around hops :)  The ones I have my eyes on right now
     are (Follow Friday at Parajunkee's View, The Book Blogger Hop at Crazy for Books and Follow
     Friday at Never Growing Old). I will also longingly continue to read the Literary Blog Hop at The Blue
     Bookcase *heavy sigh*...maybe one day when I'm grown up I'll be able to participate in this one ;)

9.  Give myself permission to quit reading something I'm not enjoying...again.  This is really really
     really hard for me.  I should have let go of the audiobook I'm listening to now a long time ago.  That anal
     feeling that I should finish what I start has not only reached the point of aggravation, but I have also not
     been able to enjoy anything else on audiobook :(  My youngest and I are going to the library
     tomorrow...my goal is to pay our fine (yeesh) and replace the dragging audiobook in my car. Period.

10.  Pace ARC's and do not request anymore until I've read and reviewed the ones I already have.  I wrote
       about the ARC snowball effect on a previous post, and I'm happy to say that I put a stop to it after 3
       arrived back to back.  I don't blog for the ARC's.

Till next week, list makers!!


  1. You have such a great list! Your resolutions are so practical and organizational and just generally good ideas. I like the idea of reviewing at least one book per week. That's a really easy way to keep up with how many books you read per year.
    Don't feel the need to "grow up." We love you just the way you are!

    -Emily @ Reading While Female

  2. Those are great resolutions. I especially like devoting time to reading everyday - so simple but genius! It would make quite a difference.

  3. Check #4! I love my magazines. Would never cancel the subscriptions! I just wish I had the time to read them.
    Check #9! I feel really, really guilty if I DON'T finish a book even a real groaner.

  4. I read an interview with an elderly librarian once. On the subject of quitting a book she said, "Life is too short for bad books. The older you are, the less time you have to waste on them. From the number 100, subtract your age. The resulting number is how many pages you have to read before you can quit." (I shouldn't have used quotation marks as that's not a direct quote. You get the idea.)

    I try to follow that advice because some books that start slow do get better. I have to say though, that with Life of Pi I didn't make it to 62 pages before I quit!

  5. I am pretty much all or nothing with blogging too. Once I miss a day, it's all down hill from there.

  6. I'm the same way with magazines! I really should read them the day they come in the mail. I have three months of magazines sitting in a pile waiting to be read.

    Thanks for sharing your resolutions with us! Good luck with all of them!

    Jen at The Broke and the Bookish