Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Salon - Lemuria Bookstore

Lemuria Boostore in Jackson, MS has been around since the 70's.  As Jackson is the capital of MS I have traveled in and around there for most of my life...but somehow never once visited Lemuria...until yesterday.

The store is a maze of rooms...with books on shelves, standing up, laying down on the floor etc.  There are comfy places to sit and browse and knowlegable staff all over the store.  They don't bother you, but if you need something or once you're checking out, there is actually a human being there who has read something you have in your hands! Imagine that!!

The children's section is called Oz :)
My youngest stayed in that particular room the entire time...mesmerized by the books...the way the books are displayed invites the reader to touch and look...My youngest sat right on the floor and read books while my mother and I browsed. 

Lemuria also has a blog which I have followed for a short while...even though I had never been there.  They have successfully created a community of readers with staff postings about new books, author signings, classic stories, the First Editions club, etc.  What I particularly like about the Lemuria blog is that the staff postings are not sales pitches.  They are true blog related, of course, but again, honest, down to earth discussions about books and what's going on in the book world instead of trying to talk you into making a purchase.
There is also a book club that meets on the first Thursday night of every month.  I'm 1 1/2 hrs. from Jackson so that's probably not a realistic goal for me, but I'm not going to completely write it off just yet :)

Even yesterday while I visited the store, I never felt pressured to buy anything...
No, I didn't need anymore books.
Yes, I bought some.
How could I not?? 

These friends needed to come home with me ;)

Now I'm faced with the dilemma of which one to read first!
But, oh what a wonderful dilemma it is :):)

Lemuria is a place that invites you to spend the afternoon...a comfortable environment filled with intelligent human beings who love books and books, books, and more books...I can't wait to go back!!


  1. Oh Wow!
    That looks such a great place for books.

    Happy reading

  2. I just reserved The Paris Wife at my library. I'm hoping the bookmobile, which comes right to my neighborhood every Monday, will have it with them tomorrow! I read a review about it in a magazine recently. I can't wait to read it.. oh but wait...I am in the middle of one book, and have two more waiting. I'm trying to read 100 books this year.
    That bookstore looks fabulous! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I love hearing about wonderful book stores. I keep telling my husband I want to take a book store tour vacation. This sounds like a store to add to my "to visit" wish list.

    I hear The Paris Wife is very good. But I don't think you can go wrong starting with any of your new books.

  4. COOL! I'm always glad to find another blog, and a bookstore blog at that! I'm also envious of your new book friends that came home with you. There was a remaindered copy of the McMurtry book at my local B&N several weeks ago, and I wish I'd snatched it up! It was gone when I went back over the weekend.


  5. That bookstore sounds lovely. I wish we had some indies close to me. I live in a very large city on the outskirts of Los Angeles so you'd think there would be plenty of stores to choose from, but that is so not the case. Makes me sort of sad.