Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Salon

I feel like this week I'm finally "getting my groove back" so to speak...with reading and blogging...even though I'm not following my schedule perfectly, I'm gonna forgive myself for that and keep forging ahead.  I'm all about some forgiveness :)

Book Clubs

I'm caught up with my Classics Book Club selection The Good Earth and looking forward to our final discussion starting tomorrow...I'll probably stew on it a little more and get the review up sometime this week while it's fresh in my mind.  I did finally admit to myself that I am officially behind on the Year  of Feminist classics reading schedule, but that doesn't make me a bad feminist.  So, I put Vindication of the Rights of Women aside, skipped over the next couple of selections that I completely missed and gave myself permisson to start Ibsen's A Doll's House.  Feels good to be back on track ;)


I completed two reviews this past week...Little Men and March and am working diligently on finishing up my review of the audio version of Pat Conroy's South of Broad...whew! what  a whopper that one was!!  My firstborn and I will be on the road this week everyday so we've got to find another audiobook that we'll both enjoy as we go back and forth to our state capitol this week. Oy.  My behind hurts already. 


Speaking of whoppers...I'm also working on my 1st post for War and Peace for the 365 chapters in 365 days challenge over at A Room of One's Own...ahem, of course, I have to finish Chapters 1-59 first...ahem...but see, this is exactly why I love ReadAlongs!  They keep me on track!...and I need all the help I can get ;)
I love ReadAlongs so much that when I stumbled onto two new ones while blog reading this week, I decided to plunge right in :):)  Both are over at Estella's Revenge...on Monday, March 14 we're discussing The United States of Arugula and on Monday, March 28 Affinity.  I can't wait!!

YA Challenge

I'm stumbling around a little on my YA selections...I still have Hunger Games on my nightstand and my middle child has started Sea so I want to start it as well...she has it on her Nook and I have the hard copy she received for Christmas.  There are so many good titles out right now that it's hard to know where to start!

Okra Picks Challenge
The Okra Picks challenge is coming to an end this month so I do have to get busy with finishing that up...I'll be reading Pat Conroy's memoir My Reading Life as well as Crooked Letter Crooked Letter and making a final decision on how I feel about Christy Jordan's Southern Plate.  If I go with my gut, Southern Plate will be my first negative review...why do I feel so bad about that??  I think I'll use a "What I Liked" and "What Didn't Work for Me" format.  I'm still a little nervous though...the Southerner in me doesn't want to hurt anybody's feelings :/


Yay!! Unexpectedly I got my work Ipad back with permission to wipe it clean and make it all mine :):):)  The youngest and I downloaded some games...Mr. Rogers, Electric Company...listened to some great songs about hard and soft letter C as well as a jammin' tune about that sneaky silent E.   I synced my Ipad with my Kindle and my Blackberry...and my laptop...and am working on syncing it with my middle child's Nook :) 
All's right with the techno world... today anyway :)

ARC Change of Heart
After I'd been blogging almost a year I accepted my first few books for review.  After about four books arrived during the span of a one week I quickly became overwhelmed and stopped accepting ARC's.  I didn't feel like it was fair to the authors and especially not fair to me.  My TBR shelves are bulging at the seams...I have plenty to read and review without accepting anything from outside.  After being contacted by the lovely author Rosy Thornton to read and review her book The Tapestry of Love (which was already on my amazon wishlist), I decided to give ARC's another go...
only on one condition.
I will accept, finish and review one ARC before I accept another.  I think that will work for me and it will keep me from accepting books and letting them sit on my TBR shelf for ages before they ever get read much less reviewed.

Have a great week everybody!!


  1. Your ARC review policy sounds like a good one, especially if it's what makes you happy. I unofficially stopped requesting ARCs about 6 months ago and only have one left to read now. I am enjoying the freedom to read what I want whenever I want so much that it more than compensates for the ARCs. I know that there will be times when I will miss on a book or two that I'm dying to read, but I'm okay with that at this point.

  2. I know what you mean about going crazy accepting ARCs. You can quickly feel overwhelmed. I try not to accept too many unless it is a book I really want to read or really have the time and space to read it without feeling pressured.

    And how cool that you got an iPad from work!! I'm hoping to get the iPad2 when it is released this week. I've been wanting an iPad ever since I first saw one!

  3. Now that's a lot of reading!!
    I have only completed one book so far this year, and I actually started it in 2010! I am doing the 90 Day Bible reading (on day 68 I think), and I am prereading lots of books for my children's Sonlight reading. But only one book for me!

    I love my iPad! Love it!

  4. Sounds like you are doing great! I am behind on all my readalongs, have too many ARCs and didn't finish anything this week, not even an audiobook. However, I got a brand new Ipad and that is exciting.

    Check out my salon:

  5. It's interesting, my book club did not want to read The Good Earth yet Pearl of China was selected instead, which if I understand correctly is about Pearl S. Buck. Go figure.

  6. I think The Southern Plate is on my "want to read" list. You didn't like it, huh? I almost always love anything southern...can't remember where I saw the title. I think in a magazine. I was going to look for it at the library today. Do you think I should skip it?

  7. Alyce - selfishly I care more about the books I want to read rather than stuff other people want me to read ;)

    Jenners - I had about decided I would break down and buy the Ipad 2...but when I got this one back forever and for free, it was a done deal :)

    Roan - I remember you mentioning before how much you loved your Ipad...I like this one as well...especially now that it's really mine and not just a loaner :)

    LBC - just keeping my head above the water...I like structure just enough to keep things sane...after that, I have to just let things go sometimes.

    Ti - I'm putting Pearl of China on my TBR list...The Good Earth was an eye opener to an entirely new culture and history for me...I want to know more :)

    Paula - Being a Southerner originally, it would be interesting to see what you think..there was just not much in Southern Plate that I haven't seen before and not nearly enough pictures for me. I would say check it out of the library before you purchase it.