Friday, October 7, 2011

The Cone of Shame

Please don't tell Layla I shared this photo with you.  She is embarrassed enough as it is already.

After all our spay/neuter/spay trauma of last week, Layla decided that to be on the safe side, she would go ahead and remove her own stitches....a week early.

Take a minute to regroup.

We had to visit the vet's office again yesterday (big city vet, of course).  All is well, and Layla is healing very nicely, so he just went ahead and took out the few remaining stitches...the vet felt as if the stitches were bothering her and that's why she took them out.


We now have antibiotic ointment and this beautiful cone...or lampshade...whichever label you like best.

The saddest part of the whole cone debacle is that the cone is clear as you can see in the picture, so it really messes up Layla's depth perception and she runs into things.  Not funny at all and actually kinda sad...but comical at the same time...does that make any sense?

Anyway, during times of supervision, she is allowed to be coneless...but that's it.  The vet said that incision needs at least a few more days of healing without Layla trying to help it along.

Such is my life.

Thomas O'Malley, by the way, thinks Layla and her cone are the funniest things she has ever seen...she also has not bothered her stitches in the least...preferring to leave a professional job to the professionals.



  1. Poor little sweetheart! Glad she is healing!

  2. Ah, yes, the cone. Well, as I always told our dog, if you would have left well enough alone young lady, you wouldn't have to do this! Glad the ailing are recuperating nicely!

  3. Our dog gets really scared when we put the cone on him, which makes it really hard. Sometimes we end up having to take it off, but other times we leave it. It does seem to embarrass them though!

  4. Poor Layla. I don't think Milou would have done well with a cone at all.

  5. Maybe you add stickers or drawings to the cone of shame to make it easier on the depth perception issue, and because it'd be cute.

  6. Poor sweet little Layla and her "cone of shame". hope she heals well.

  7. When our dog had to wear the cone after he had pins removed from his knee, we had to shave his ears because the hair had become so matted :(