Monday, October 24, 2011

Movie Monday - The Husband Picks a Winner!!

The Head of My Household and the youngest set off for a Sunday afternoon expedition at the movie store where I fully expected them to return with SpongBob Squarepants, Scooby-Doo and  Eloise.  They did return with the old standbys, but they also returned with Secretariat.
The Head of My Household tried to get everyone to sit down in the den and watch...but well, you know what happens when you suggest things...

Anyhoo, not far into the film, I started hanging around the corners as I folded and put away laundry, and the youngest stopped riding her scooter up and down the halls and just went round and round the couch...wasn't much longer after that and we were both sitting on the couch cheering on Secretariat as he became the first Triple Crown Winner in 25 years in 1973.  What a horse.  What an animal.  What an athlete.

The story behind Secretariat is a heartwarming life story.  Winning Secretariat by the flip of a coin, Penny Tweedy put everything she had and all of her faith in a save her father's farm and to save her own legacy.   Labeled as a housewife gambling with her husband's money...Penny defied the odds and refused to accept defeat.  

My heart was pumping as Secretariat raced first at the Derby, then the Preakness and of course finally at Belmont...winning by 31 lengths (the longest winning stretch ever, still to this day).  I knew how it was going to end and I STILL was nervous!

I can't say enough about Diane Lane's performance in this all fairness I am a Diane Lane fan...except for the unfortunate movie, Unfaithful...shudders.  
She is believably strong in this movie but also has believable cracks...she truly love the animal, she loves her family and she loved her childhood and the memories that she still held deep inside her.  These are the kinds of characteristics that many see as weaknesses in women...but for Penny, and for many of the strongest women I've ever known, it is these very characteristics that drive them harder and further than anyone ever expects them to...they are true to the bone.

If you're looking for a feel good, defy the odds kind of movie that leaves you ready to take a run...or ride a horse through the pasture with the wind in your hair...this is the one :)


  1. I haven't watched this movie, but I'm going to check it. Glad you recommend it.

  2. It's a feel good movie for sure...leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling...there are actually some good people in the world after all :)

  3. We loved this movie too. We board our horse at a stable that is home to several racehorses so we enjoyed this look at the "big time".

  4. I enjoyed the movie a lot. I consider myself fortunate because I saw Secretariat race... I didn't know how the story was going to turn out! It was also interesting to see what they left out of the story, but that's only for us old-timer Secretariat fans. I still count that Belmont as being the best horse race I've ever seen.