Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Snapshot - In the Middle

Our middle daughter is a Senior this year, and last night was her last high school football game.

I didn't feel sad; I really just felt proud...proud of how far this one has come...proud of a developing individuality that I've waited 17 years to see.  Proud of her willingness to love and forgive others and proud of her for telling me I'm the best mama in the world (That was Thursday btw...Friday, we were back to normal ;)

I got the "best mama in the whole wide world" award bc over the last 2 weeks I curtailed my snark (mostly) and worked behind the scenes to get things done.  
My daughter is the only Senior on the dance team; I think for next year, all will be well and any stupid mamas will just have to deal...but my daughter didn't have the promise of next year.  
The dance team sponsor got word Thursday that there would be room for all of the girls on Senior night...and no mama drama would be tolerated.


The Head of my Household and I purposely try our best to stay out of silly stuff at the I called in every favor I've earned on this one.  It worked.
The smile on the face above...all night long...was well worth the effort :)

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  1. You have a beautiful family, and I can see why you are very proud of your daughter. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. It's a great feeling when our kids let us know that we're doing something right. Even when they don't say it, they show it with their happiness and the joy they give to others.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter :)

  4. Those are great pictures - you should be proud!

    My Snapshot is here.

  5. If only we could hold those title of the Best Mama in the World for more than a few minutes. Your daughter is lovely and the fact that she is smiling is a good thing.

  6. You will always hold that title, it just may take a few years for them to realize it! That year of lasts is bittersweet. Enjoy.

  7. It makes me curious about all of the drama, but I'm very glad it all worked out for the best. My kids aren't that old yet and I've already had to go to bat for them a couple of times at school. It's such a nerve-wracking experience.

  8. Having never been on a dance team, I wondered about the drama. Nice pictures.

  9. Senior year is such an emotional roller coaster of pride and trepidation. You all look very happy. Treasure these fleeting moments.


  10. What a beautiful young woman!

    Here's my Snapshot:

  11. What a beauty. Congratulations on keeping the snark back. It's something I truly struggle with.