Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wanna Be More Organized Wednesday

We've finally finished the last of the leftovers and tomorrow is payday...that means I have to accept that November is over (sniff, sniff) and December is here.  My children are nagging about getting the tree down, starting to bake cookies, etc. but I always like to linger in Thanksgiving.  The reason for the need to linger is that December sometimes drives me bonkers.  I know that sounds mean, but remember, I need things as calm and as structured (but not OCD) as possible.  December is ANYTHING but calm...and STRUCTURE??? You gotta be kidding me??  Over the years December has just become too much for I hide from it and try to pretend it's not there.  Maybe I could get some of those blinder thingies horses wear?

Anyhoo, I'm in desperate need of groceries, have not organized my coupons, have to trips to plan for, have got some work stuff getting in my way of having our regular weeknight meals, and on top of everything else I"M SICK.  Dangit, I'm already feeling overwhelmed! December has creeped in on my November!!!  I usually wait to go to the doctor until I'm dying.  I'm not there yet, but it's getting close.  You know you need some meds when you have to stop chewing so you can get some air through your mouth :(
Going to the doctor also costs money...
That is NOT in the budget!!!!!!

That's not why I'm not going so don't get all panicky and tell me about how I need to take care of myself.  My mother already did that today.
Hi, Mom :)

I just need December to just take it easy. 
I'm a little anxious about the budget bc December is a rough one.  We've decided we will not charge not one item this Christmas.
I don't have a credit card.
See here for reasons why.
But, it's nice sometimes during the holidays to just clickety click online with my husband's card :D
But, guess what he did last month??
He chopped that thing up.
There is no safety net in place for December, and I'm a little nervous...I will have to be extra careful with my spending to make sure I don't run out...literally.

But, see, here's what makes me even crazier than budgeting...
I'm anxious and freaked out over what should be one of the most wonderful times of the year.   I wonder if I can take back Christmas the way I have committed to Thanksgiving?

It's worth a try.


  1. Hope you feel better very soon.

    I am not a fan of December either. I hate the madness of shopping. Even food shopping is more stressful than the rest of the year.


  2. December is a roller coaster for me. The first two weeks are horrid as they are the end of the semester, which is much worse for teachers than students. But then I get two blessed weeks off. Lovely. Then of course, there's the week before classes start up again which is once again a stressful ride of planning and preparation. It's a love/hate relationship I have with December.

  3. Hope you feel better soon Patty. I dislike all the commercialization of the holidays and prefer more simple celebration with family. (I'm sure all that will change next Christmas when the grandchild comes).

  4. Once again you are singing my tune. Same here...even with a cold to match! Although, I've been using the neti pot and it's really cut my head cold in half.

    I still have the one credit card and I am using it to buy stuff, but I pay it off each month. The other not being used and we are slowly paying it off.

    So far, the shopping hasn't been too difficult. Having no money makes it easier. You have to really think about stuff before you buy, no impulse buying. What still irks me is food. My husband does not understand how that plays into the budget. He ALWAYS wants to eat out and we did not do much of that in November and he was grumpy and really a pain to deal with. We had a spat about it last night, actually.

    After the new year I have to figure out what to do with our mortgage. We bought when the real estate market was at its height and the $3500 mortgage payment (not joking) is killing us.

  5. This Christmas is also tight for us as well. I have decided to do more homemade gifts and give some less expensive things this year because we just can't afford it any other way. I am only really splurging on my kids and husband, and everyone else is getting less than they have in previous years. It doesn't feel good to be poor, but at least I know I am not the only one!

  6. I'm sick too and it's very bad timing as my sister is getting married on Saturday and I'm a bridesmaid ....

    I hope you feel better soon, and that December isn't as stressful as you think it's going to be.

  7. Carol, you are exactly right...that weekly trip to the grocery store now requires me to navigate the traffic and bodies and more people in the check-out lines bc of people buying, buying and buying for Christmas.

    Trisha, I was laying in bed thinking about this very thing last night...I have 2 school trips, final exams, tons of grading and plans to make for next semester...all in about 2 1/2 weeks. It's nuts for teachers anyway, even without all the Christmas hoopla added to it.

    Diane, Christmas with wide-eyed babies and little ones is definitely a special thing...but babies are happy with simple things...that's part of what makes them so precious :)

    Holy Smokes, Ti...$3500! We would be husband doesn't understand about grocery prices nor the fact that as a teacher, any $ I make comes in the form of overloads. We've been cut overloads each semester for several semesters in a row, which means the amount of money I've been bringing home has fluctuated month to month...substantially. As an administrator, he gets paid the same salary 12 months out the year, so he can't understand why I can't stick to my budget. Spat is a nice word...I usually feel like killing mine when we have these discussions.

    Zibilee, what's sad to me is that we're middle class folks with college degrees and good paying jobs...we don't blow money, buy expensive things or take trips around the world...yet we still have trouble making ends meet each month...there's something wrong with that picture.

    Oh Sam, I hope you feel better by your sister's wedding...this "crud" we have is sticking like glue. And, the coughing that comes along with it wouldn't be welcomed in a wedding ceremony :( I'll keep my fingers crossed so you'll be able to enjoy the day!! I'm taking December into my own hands...I will not be stressed, I will not be stressed, I will not be stressed :)

  8. Taking back December! That's the motto. I've decided to put a strict gift-buying cap on Christmas this year in hopes of not killing myself. Not sure it'll be as easy to get everyone else on board, though.

    Good luck with you budgeting and planning! And I hope you feel better soon.