Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Official!! Christmas vacation is finally here!!

At the end of every semester it seems like there are more tasks to complete than I can ever possibly accomplish...and they all have to be accomplished yesterday.

On top of all the normal end of the semester hoopla and the beginnings of the holiday season, my presence was requested in KY this past week.  In fact, I've actually been to 3 states other than the one I live in over the last several days.   While everyone else gets to turn in their grades and enjoy the short days of exam week, I got to work all day the days I was gone and grade final essays at night via our online grading platform.  I stayed up last night grading as well and was on another roll when my alarm clock went off this morning.  Grades were  due at noon today.  

I graded a little while and then went to wake up my youngest who was planning on enjoying her class Christmas party today.  She was very tired and cranky as usual, but when I started tickling her I realized she was actually on the warm side.  

Did I mention that the Head of my Household has been battling the same crud now...and as you know men are always sicker than anyone ever has been in the entire history of the world :/

I tucked the youngest back in, showered and got myself ready for a morning of grading at my kitchen table...surely I could get an hour or two extension on my grades.

Yeah, right. 
About 10 a.m. I received a very kind message from my boss..."You will be able to have your grades in by noon, won't you?  I would really help us out a lot."


I bit the rest of my nails and cringed...and then I started grading like a mad woman...I won't go into any detail about that fast grading...just suffice it to say that if I had any questions, my students received the benefit of my doubt.  
Most importantly, I TURNED MY GRADES IN ON TIME!! 
And, I wasn't the last one :):):)
I was the very last teacher on campus to turn in grades once, only once.  We have to actually turn in a hard copy of our grades after entering them into the computer system.  I walked into the administration building to a greeting of applause because now that I was turning in my grades, they could all go home.  :(

I've missed my blog...I've missed reading other blogs...I'm a little behind on my Read Along, but at least only a little since there's no way to grade electronically on an airplane.

The tree is lit, cookies are baking, and tomorrow is Saturday.
Ahhhhh.....feels very nice.


  1. So happy for a break for you. Enjoy your break and the holidays. You deserve it!

  2. Lucky you! We work until Friday, and then have (10) days off --can't wait. Enjoy your time away from work and Happy Holidays.

  3. We finished on Friday too, and I also had a mad dash to get all of my assessments in on time. Now to enjoy Christmas properly :)

  4. The end of the semester is always hairy. Glad it's over for you (and me too!).