Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wanna Be More Organized Wednesday

This is the time of year that everybody begins thinking about resolutions...things they want to do better...getting more organized, staying on a schedule, fixing things that need to be fixed.  I get a little nervous this time each always there are issues that need to be dealt with, but I'm almost scared that if I make a resolution out of them, I'm setting myself up to fail.  As much as I like and need a certain amount of structure, I feel pinned in by too much structure.  Please don't worry if you don't understand because I know how nutty I sound.  

We won't be back to a normal schedule around here for 2 more weeks, so I'm going to try and concentrate on continuing the organizing things that have worked well for me as well as add on a couple more...Here they are: 

1.  Keep plugging away at weekly menus.  I'd love to break out into a monthly format, but I'm just not sure our lives right now would lend themselves to that much structure.  I'm also a freak about fresh as possible food, so I'd rather not buy fresh veggies and meats too early if I can help it.  I've also challenged my creative firstborn to make me one of these: 

With this little snazzy contraption, all members of my family would  know what we're having for supper and I wouldn't have to answer that question 5 different times (at least).  
We also need a better schedule for eating.  We end up eating too late because of the various schedules...I need to pick a time, complete the process by then, eat, and then latecomers can eat when they get home.  

2.  Follow my budget.  We have no credit card debt from Christmas.  I am stunned.  I cannot remember another year where we haven't needed several months after Christmas to pay for Christmas.  It feels a lot better than I thought it would.  

3.  Exercise.  I'm 43. I've always been concerned about my health, but I've officially reached a point where I have no choice but to be concerned.  I have a health concern that isn't a big one, but it could be if I don't get control of it now.  Part of that problem is that I've put on almost 20 pounds since Summer.  I'm not fat by any means, but my metabolism has left the building.  I actually weighed more at the doctor's office last week than I weighed when I gave birth to my middle child...GULP.   Gwyneth is about 5 years younger than me, but I think her sentiment says it all:

4.  Housecleaning.  I don't have house help...and really don't want it.  As messy as my house is right now, I'm particular about the way I like things done.  Especially if I'm going to pay someone, I'd like them to do it my way.  That rarely happens.  I've seen a couple of bloggers who swear by the 15-20 minute per day routine or even a calendar of the bigger jobs...I'm thinking about that.  I don't have an entire day to clean.  I don't want an entire day to clean.  There's got to be a better way.

5.  And, finally, at work, I've got to figure out a way to keep papers from piling up on me.  The first thing I've done is try to make the assignments themselves a little more the hopes that my students' papers might be a little more creative...we'll see.  I'll probably have to add more structure here than I really want...but I get paid for grading those papers :P

That's where I am right now...still in the thinking stages really...we still have Christmas at both grandparents to go so I probably won't make any headway at least until those two trips are complete.  

Till then, any advice?


  1. Advice? No, I am following your posts to get advice :)

    All the best for 2012!


  2. All goals I would love to emulate!!! I'm definitely onboard for being more structured in the weekly menu department, and most certainly I struggle with the paper grading. Looking forward to how these goals work for you in the new year. :)

  3. As a fellow menu planner, I would love a board like that - please post pictures if you do end up with one. I work on a weekly schedule too as I generally prepare from fresh and don't want anything to go off between shops.

  4. It sounds like you have a lot of great ideas for the new year, and the fact that you have thought them through and have planned for them makes it doubly likely that you will succeed when it comes to managing your resolutions and making them work for you. I wish you all the best with them, and hope that they all become non-stressful parts of your routine as soon as possible!

  5. I actually do understand what you mean about both craving structure and resenting too much of it. I need my life to be well-organised, but also with room for spontaneity and surprises. I guess it's hard to have it all.

  6. Oh, I can't possibly give you any advice, you're way more organised than me with your resolutions already. I'm a bit hesitant to come up with any resolutions for 2012, after I've had such a great feeling that 2011 was going to be MY year. It was my year alright... of getting kicked around!

    Hmm... so maybe that's why I do have to make up some resolutions for 2012. ^_^

  7. The sentiment behind that Gwyneth quote is something that I need to remember. It's easy to get frustrated at a lack of progress (and/or self-control). Good luck with your goals!