Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wanna Be More Organized Wednesday

My schedule finally returns to normal today (whatever that means).  You'd think after almost a month off that I'd be ready to go back.  But, I'm not.  :p
I have no menu.  I have no plan.  I have clipped no coupons.  I've lost my Blackberry, and I have no idea where my school calendar is.  Does that give you any indication how laid back this holiday season has been for me??
I'm really organized right?

Since I don't get to choose not to go to work today, here are a few things I've rounded up to look forward to:

1.  My Comp II classes are reading Cold Mountain and The Book Thief.  This is an experiment I started last semester with Cold Mountain, and I loved it.   You can read more about my first Cold Mountain class here and here

2.  My colleagues.   I share my day with a variety of people, but mostly with 3 other instructors, Missie, David and Murray.  I've missed our daily banter, jokes, rants, and overall friendship.   It will be good to see them again.

3.  My students.  I've often said that my very favorite part of my job is being in the classroom with my students.  And, it is.  While I do get frustrated and impatient with them sometimes and have very high expectations for them, they make my day worthwhile.  I am at my best in the classroom working with my students. 

4.  Schedules - As much as I have loved the last month of relaxed style, I do look forward to a return to a little more structure.  With the holidays comes a lot of impromptu planning, trips, shopping, parties, performances, etc.  I either go with the flow or I go crazy.  Starting today we'll have more set weekly and daily activities that will repeat themselves week after week.

5.  My firstborn and I are getting that much closer to our trip to Ireland in March!!! 

6.  I've updated some things on my blog and am loving some of the new features (I can reply directly to comments now!!!).  Thanks to Chaotic Compendiums for introducing Disqus to me!! And, I've finally learned how to read the blogs I follow through Google Reader (yes, I'm slow) thanks to Lena Sledge's Blog.  It takes me about half the time to read them as it did when I had to individually click on each blog in my Easily Distracted section :)  Yay me!!!! 

7.  I have a plan for making meal planning even easier for me.  I love making new things, but the Head of My Household likes more consistent suppers.  Turns out I do actually make some things that he enjoys.  I'm planning a monthly schedule of my tried and true recipes that I'll make once a month.  The other spaces will be for new things...My firstborn and I are also working on creating a menu that will hang in the kitchen so nobody will ask me "What's for supper?" anymore.  Does that bother anybody else but me?   
We've also  instituted a new meal time...6-6:30.  We've tried it for a couple of weeks, and it seems to work well..If supper's ready at 6, then whoever's ready to eat can eat.  6 pm works well since most activity meetings and such begin at 6:30 or 7 p.m.  Last semester we would wait until after those meetings to eat and ended up starving by the time we arrived home, and then supper wasn't ready for another hour.  
That was no fun.

8.  This semester I purposely asked that I not be assigned a class during our college's Wesley lunchtime each Wednesday.  I have wanted so badly to get involved, but for the past two semesters have had a class scheduled during the same exact time and wasn't able to participate.  Our pastor and the on campus instructor who lead our Wesley group of college students are both dynamic fellas and seem to have a really good program going!  

Bring it on, Spring 2012!
Can't wait!


  1. It's good to look on the positives, as no one really enjoys going back to work after the long Christmas hols.  I'm in the second week back now and am finally starting to feel like I'm in a routine.

    Is your Cold Mountain experiment going to become routine for all your classes now?

  2. Sam, The Cold Mountain experiment happened only in my hybrid section last semester...very small class that only met once per week...usually students who are very on top of things, etc.  This semester I'm moving it to my regular sections of Comp II just to see the difference.  The hybrid section this semester will be reading The Book Thief.  Based on how things go in the regular class will depend on if I keep using the contemporary lit assignment.  If I do keep using it (and I suspect I will), I will have to change the book each semester bc I myself get bored with the same exact assignment over and over and over again.  :)

  3. GREAT post! I'm totally onboard with a set mealtime. It tends to fall at 6pm here, too, and Greyson is on such a wonderful schedule now, I wouldn't even think of moving it. I am constantly annoyed when he goes to other people's houses and the schedule gets screwed up!

    Great list here. All of them. I love hearing/reading other people's tips for organization. I think I might share my own tomorrow or Friday!

  4. I've been stunned at how much more time we seem to have at night when supper is scheduled earlier.  I know it's got to be better for us to eat earlier rather than later as well.