Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wanna Be More Organized Wednesday

My dishwasher is broken.
It's been broken for at least 2 weeks, maybe 3.
My sink is continuously filled with dirty dishes which we are washing by hand a little at a time.  
Part of my weirdness is that I can't use the same dishwater for long.  Sorry.  But, I can't.
Once the water cools off or has food floating in it, I have to have new water.
I also really like the idea of my dishes going through a scalding hot wash cycle and then the same heat drying cycle...
I put my coffee cup to my mouth this morning and all I could taste was dishwashing liquid
I've also quit cooking.  My sink is full without all the pots and pans added to we've been eating out a lot, but trying to keep it as healthy as possible.
Why haven't we gotten the dishwasher repaired?
Because we try to use private repair people as much as possible for these kinds of things...saves on cost an all that...the Head of My Household tried to fix it first by himself.
After pulling out some copper wire that wasn't supposed to come out and shocking himself, he decided to call in reinforcements.
Our private repair people have other jobs...and do repairs on the side...just whenever they can get to them.
Until then...

My middle child officially has a prom date.  That means tickets, a dress, new shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup.  It also means fun; she's asked a good friend of hers who happens to be the little brother of one of my oldest child's best friends...folks we know, good folks.  Good memories start that way, you know.  Money well spent.
Middle child's asthma is acting up as well though, and now we'll be seeing a pulmonologist along with the dr. appt. we went to today, the $1000 we owe her doctor for last year's appts. after all the insurance has paid, and the weekly appts. we'll juggle for the next month till we get things back under control.
Did I say Oy yet?

Firstborn is starting anew with some changes in her life lately...good changes, yet changes...which at her age are hard to adjust to sometimes.
But, she's gonna be fine...I took her to supper tonight and reminded her what a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful young woman she is and how much adventure she has ahead of her.  I think she liked that ;)
I also reminded her that we're going to Ireland in 4 weeks!!!!

I have papers to grade...but I seem to be managing that task a little better this semester and using my time at work during the day wisely...stay on task, get it done.

I've been reading...a lot.  I'm on track with The People's History of the United States...give or take a day or two each week late with my response.  So much there to digest; I'm so glad we're only tackling one chapter per week and that we're talking about each chapter individually.   
I finished Wolf Hall!!!! and my review will post finally tomorrow...I can't wait for the sequel!! 
I also very quickly read the first two Kate Burkholder mysteries by Linda Castillo, Sworn to Silence and Pray for Silence, and am on the third, Breaking Silence...I've been writing these reviews as I go along as well so that I don't forget details/golden lines, etc.  I'll have to wait on the 4th book, and I'm not looking forward to that :(  
It's been fun to find a fast paced thriller series to fly through :)

I'm a little behind on commenting, however.  I still can't seem to juggle reading and writing and reading and commenting...gotta keep the balls in the air somehow?  Google Reader is helpful but I so feel like every time I read someone else's post, I have to add more books to my Wishlist or TBR...not that I mind doing that, mind just makes me want to read, read and read more.

Unfortunately, there are those dang dishes to wash :p


  1. Our dishwasher recently broke too. Dad discovered it was some butcher's string jammed in the pump. It's fixed now

  2. I empathize with you on the hard parts, but oh my you have me laughing about the husband who repairs and then calls in the reinforcement and those dishes.  I'm right there with you.

  3. Sounds like you have alot on your plate (no pun intended) right now!

    How fun that your middle child is preparing for prom :)

    I look forward to your review of Wolf Hall...I have been meaning to get to that one for a while, but somehow it has continually fallen to the bottom of the stack :(

  4. My dishwasher has been acting up lately too and I am afraid I will be doing the dishes by hand soon as well.  

    Have fun getting ready for the prom! 

  5. Ugh. It's so frustrating when things like that happen. What a lot you have going on!

    But - whenever I have a trip planned, all else disappears. How exciting. I hope you share some of your trip photos once you're back.

  6. I'm weird. I actually enjoy washing my dishes by hand and prefer it to the machine. I wash them after each meal though so they don't pile up and I use my trusty dish soap (Ivory) and never have soapy tasting dishes or dishpan hands. LOL. 

    I just took my son for an oral surgery consult to figure out what needs to be done to get one of his permanent molars to come through the gum line and I just about died as the estimate they gave me, pre-insurance. Then she handed me the one with insurance and I let out a huge sigh of relief. Good lord! This stuff is expensive. 

  7. I wish mine was fixed :(

  8. He always does that...I wince any time something breaks bc I know he's gonna try to do it himself first :/

  9. I really enjoyed Wolf Hall...I think it's a book that you can read at least a couple of times and still learn something new.  It's a whopper though :)

  10. You are so right, Jenn...whenever I get overwhelmed, I just think of that beautiful countryside and whole other world that I'm going to be visiting soon :)

  11. I agree, Ti, you are weird ;) 
    Since I posted this, we go the call to go on in the morning to have all the breathing evaluations done, chest x-rays etc.  I'm gulping as I type.  Specialists are never cheap...and I fully expect to wait forever to see the doctor...that always aggravates me bc I'm taking off work to be there and I have to work in order to pay the doctor it seems to me they ought to hurry it along and get me back to work! ;P

  12. Andi (Estella's Revenge)February 12, 2012 at 8:52 AM

    Wow! And I thought I was busy. I've inherited some additional online classes (SURPRISE!) and that threw me for a loop this week. But I've also been trying to take advantage of time during the day to grade and square away work-related tasks so I don't have to do them at home. 

    I've also stopped cooking! No good excuses, just plain laziness/brain drain.

    Cheers to getting back on track. It sounds like your girls have a lot of exciting things going on. I'm planning a little Valentine's Day surprise for Greyson -- heavy on books, light on candy. Fun times! :)

    Hang in there, Patti!