Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wanna Be More Organized Wednesday

I'm on strike.
My dishwasher is still not fixed.
Ti, I've tried to find enjoyment in handwashing my dishes this past week; I thought after your comment that maybe I was missing something somewhere.  I wasn't.  I have not been able to find any joy in hand-washing our dishes...I even switched to Ivory...still nothing.
When I told the Head of My Household that I was striking (Sunday night), he got a different dishwasher fella to the house that very next night :/  Imagine that.

Still, the dishwasher fella says that the heating element is out as well as the control panel....might as well buy a new dishwasher for the price it will cost to repair all that...especially the control panel.  Turns out my empty dishwasher, sitting there plugged up but dead all the same, is actually a fire hazard...electricity shooting constantly into a giant plastic bucket that never responds apparently is an accident waiting to happen.  
Who knew?

On the bright side, I'm excited about how much reading I've been doing.  It's amazing how much reading a girl can accomplish when she's not cooking or washing dishes :)  
The first review of the Kate Burkholder series will be posted tomorrow.  I wanted another fast paced series to start after this short one, and I contemplated Kay Scarpetta, Temperence Brennan and Rizzoli and Isles.  After a pretty good bit of research (reading author websites and bios of the main characters of each series), I decided to started with the Temperence Brennan series by Kathy Reichs.  The first book, Deja Dead is downloaded on my Nook waiting on me :)

I was not enthralled with the whole publisher send me some books and I'll try to read and review them process.  It overwhelmed me to no end...but when I decided a few months ago to lightly step back in, I chose to become a member of Net Galley.
They don't send me anything I don't want.  
I can download the selection straight to my Kindle.
The reviewing process is straightforward and there is no pressure.
Reviews also seem to be followed closely...I actually received a Tweet from Kathleen Flinn when I reviewed her book Kitchen Confidential :) 
Right now I'm reading Gentleman's Agreement about a journalist who pretends to be Jewish for a period of time in order to investigate hidden anti-Semitism in post war New York City.  A complete total change of pace from the pulse quickening murder stuff I've been racing through, but that's generally the way I roll.  

Please don't ask me how many papers I need to grade. 
I'll think about that tomorrow.

I'm going to read now.

**Disclaimer...the legs nor cats in the photo above are mine...BUT THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE HOUSE SHOES!!!!!!!!

Just call me Granny :)


  1. I think you will like the Temperence Brennan books. They are not all great, but most are. But then I'm not that partial since a lot of them are set in the province of Québec, my province :-)

  2. Congratulations on the decision to you need to get the girls to be scabs...they can cross the picket line and do the dishes!

  3. It seems to be that way with all long running series, doesn't it?  I'm ready for something a little different and the setting will make it even more interesting :)

  4. My girls drop everything and RUN like crazy if they think they're going to be asked to wash dishes ;)

  5. I'm with Ti - I've never had a dishwasher and actually find washing the dishes therapeutic - I can look out of the window and daydream as I do it.  Rather than striking, you should consider the deal I have with my husband - whoever cooks, the other one does the dishes.  Then you just cook without worry :)

  6. Well, you gave it the old college try. I am impressed that you even went out to get Ivory. LOL. 

  7. Sam, I don't have a window over my sink...we originally did, but in order to create another room, the window was walled in :(  That would definitely change my attitude a little...I think.

  8. My mom used to use a detergent called they still make that one?  Ivory is good but at this point, it's all the same to me...I also didn't mention that I have no idea where my sink stopper is, so I'm washing dishes in the top of a cake travel container :(  

  9. Andi (Estella's Revenge)February 22, 2012 at 12:19 PM

    All the reading you're doing sounds fantastic! Unfortunately, I have not had as good an experience with Netgalley as you have. It seems I've seen more requirements of blog stats and things like that popping up at NetGalley which I TOTALLY don't appreciate. I tend to avoid it now and read what's on my shelves or can be gotten from my library. Maybe one day I'll head back there. :)