Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wanna Be More Organized Wednesday

Less than 2 weeks away till Ireland...the firstborn and I are the wait till the last minute type and we waited till the last minute to order our passports.  We waited so last minute that we had to have them expedited...Oy.  The wait caused a few skipped heartbeats, but the day I opened the mailbox and saw those beautiful priority mail folders from the US Passport Agency, I officially became excited.  
The firstborn turned her passport in to her coach to keep for the trip and I jokingly said I thought I could keep up with my know, since I'm an adult and all.
Of course, I then promptly lost said passport.  
Right about the time this past Sunday evening when I was literally ready to upchuck, I found my passport right where I had safely tucked it so I wouldn't lose dayplanner.

The dishwasher is still not fixed.
I did buy one of those little contraptions that plugs up the sink since mine disappeared into never never land a long long time ago.  Amazing how many more dishes I can wash when I'm not forced to wash out of the top of a cake travel container.
The Head of my Household did wash dishes tonight though...without even being asked.

I made chili and cupcakes last night for our college's Wesley luncheon today.  In true "I Don't Know How She Does It" style, I was icing cupcakes at 8:15 a.m. (I have an 8:30 class on Wednesdays), and Layla was licking the floor right under my feet bc cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar don't stay in the bowl very well when you forget to soften them to room temperature before you make the icing. 
I made it to school somehow but did have icing on my pants.  Oy.
Wesley is The United Methodist Church's campus ministry.  I've been trying for 3 semesters to get my schedule situated where I can be a part of this group, and the stars finally aligned this semester.  Our group was small at the beginning but has steadily grown each week.  The students are getting to know each other and really opening up with the last couple of weeks having the very best conversations yet.  Wednesdays are my most difficult and harried days, but when I can end the morning at Wesley, everything is back in perspective.
I wish we had Wesley luncheons every day.

I'm reading an incredible book called Between a Rock and a Hot Place for TLC Tours...and I'm loving it.   Turns out at 43 there are a lot of other crazy women out there like me...sweating and freezing...screaming and crying...holding on and letting go....reinventing and holding on to the past.
The best news of all...I haven't completely lost my mind...and this too shall pass.
My review will be up tomorrow.  

I've also finished Gentleman's's hard for me to put into words how I feel about this's one of those books whose subject matter makes it feel weird to say that you "liked" it.  I'm hoping this review will be ready by Friday, but it will totally depend on whether or not my brain has been able to process it all by then.

I'm officially announcing that I need to lose about 20 pounds.  Middle age has hit me's like I woke up one morning with a tire around my middle :(  I'm cutting back on sugar and carbs first, and I'll be adding in some much needed exercise...specifically some cardio and ab work.
Yuck :p

Still have papers to grade...but I'm plugging away at them a little at a time...
I so much rather read Deja Dead though. 


  1. Only 2 weeks til you go?  I'm jealous!
    My husband's family come from Ireland and he still has lots of relatives there.  We have visited Cork and it was just beautiful.

  2. You are my long lost twin. Seriously. I joined the gym about a month ago, I haven't lost much but everything has tightened up a bit. Clothes fit  better. Working out before work, at 6am is key for me. 

    I can't believe you haven't embraced the hand washing yet. 

  3. You are going to take lots of pictures in Ireland so we can all live vicariously through you, right?? 

    Like you don't have enough on your plate without me demanding pictures. :-D

  4. I cannot wait to take pictures!!!  and to write about my adventures!! :)

  5. Oh Ti, I am NOT a morning person...I'd rather sleep than almost anything...and I need a tv or outdoors...I've just got to get it all figured out.
    The husband washed the dishes again that I could get used to! :)

  6. Sam, I am soooo excited!  10 whole days of enjoying what's around me...I'll be in heaven!!