Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kendal :)

19 years ago today this beautiful child came into my life.
The day we took her home I was scared to death...I secretly wanted to ask one of the nurses to go with us ;)

We learned a lot together during the 16 months she was an only child.  
how to love country music...
how to keep going with only 30 minutes of sleep at a time...
how to be still and quiet and almost not even breathe when she fell asleep in her carseat...
how to sleep sitting up in the rocking chair bc she LOVED to be rocked and 
how to fix "rabbit chockie milk."

Even after she was no longer the only child she was still my first, so all of her firsts were mine as a parent as well:   
Her first steps
Her first dance recital
Her first soccer game
Her first love 
and the inevitable first broken heart...

What I love most about my firstborn child is her spirit.
She is not afraid; she is adventurous and seeks challenge in whatever she does.  
She expects a lot of herself and a lot of life.  
She listens to me...and then makes her own decisions...sometimes agreeing but also sometimes going in her own direction.
I get scared sometimes...because I cannot imagine life without her...but I know especially now, that it is time for her to branch out more and more... become the incredible woman that I know she will be...

I love you, Kendal :)
Happy Birthday!! 


  1. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter!  It sounds like you two have a special bond and wonderful relationship!  I hope her day is wonderful!!  By the way she is a very pretty girl!! Enjoy her birthday!!

  2. KarenthisoldhouseMarch 18, 2012 at 3:27 PM

     Happy Birthday to your daughter! What a wonderful message you have left for her here.   The letting go is the hardest part of raising them.

    She and I share the same birthday :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to you as well, Karen!! :)

  4. Thanks,  Sherri...she is very special to me :)

  5. What a lovely girl you raised!! Happy Birthday to her! She is at a very exciting age!


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