Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello from Ireland!!

My oldest and I (and her soccer team, coaches, athletic director and a few other parents) left early Tuesday morning for the airport on our way to Dublin Ireland.
My youngest was fine until the night before we left...she snuggled in my arms and asked me to tell her exactly how many days/hours/minutes it would be until I returned, so the oldest and I made a deal with her.  We let her pick out one of her smaller stuffed buddies to travel with the firstborn and me.  The youngest picked "Kisses" who was a Valentine gift; Kisses is about the size of a a Beanie Baby and fits nicely in my purse.  After the first few photos the firstborn and I took, some of the other soccer girls started suggesting photo ops for Kisses :) 

"Kisses" at our regional airport, checking in luggage with my firstborn :)

"Kisses" on her way through the security scan.

"Kisses" during our 3 hour layover in Atlanta, GA, charging the Iphone.

And, finally..."Kisses" on board to Ireland (with my firstborn) :)

Arriving in Dublin, "Kisses" retrieves my luggage ;)

The first thing "Kisses" had to do was change some dollars over to Euros...handing the teller $125.00 and only getting $90 something back :(  Kinda like going to the casino :p

With the appropriate funds in hand we were able to purchase our first cup of coffee and a smoothie in Ireland...You can tell by my firstborn's eyes that it was a long plane ride.  If you've ever been on an Educational Tour, you know that, once you reach your destination, you hit the ground running.  Most of the girls were able to sleep at least a little while on the plane in preparation for a full day's activities on ...I, myself, was lucky enough to end up in a seat by myself so I slept almost the entire flight.  We still had an incredible first day...
More on that tomorrow :)


  1. I love seeing Kisses have so many adventures, even before he/she set foot on Irish soil!  Keep the pictures coming!

  2. Kisses is so cute!!!  Enjoy Ireland!!  I went to Ireland 7 yrs. ago and loved, loved, loved it!!

  3. I remember bringing Baby Death to BEA back in 2010 and taking pictures like those. :D That's awesome!

    Make sure to include pictures of you too! :D

  4. Kisses is going to be so well travelled!

  5. What a great way for your younger one to participate in the trip from home :)
    Hope you have a wonderful daughter used to go to Europe on concert trips with her choral group and had such wonderful experiences.

  6. I love the photos with Kisses, especially the one with the Euros!  Sounds like you are having a great time too :)

  7. Ireland? Seriously? No fair! Have fun!

  8. BibliophilebytheseaMarch 16, 2012 at 6:06 AM

    I really enjoyed this photos. The multi-colored doors are awesome as are the smiles on everyone's faces. You and your daughter look more like sisters:)