Sunday, April 1, 2012

Springtime and More Instagram

This weekend has been our second weekend in a row of incredible weather...warm temperatures, nice cool breezes, flowers and plants blooming away and sprouting new growth, everybody's cutting grass and the air is full of fresh smells.  

I can't tell you how much these first weekends re-juvinate me...after a cold, wet, and nasty winter, it's way past time for some sunshine.

It takes a while for the water in the pool to warm up...I generally don't get in until it reaches 80 degrees, but the kids get in much earlier...the youngest and our middle child plunged in Saturday with wild abandon...and so did Layla :)

Layla turned 1 on March 12 so this year she is big enough that her back feet touch the bottom of the shallow end if she needs to rest...she had a blast both Saturday and today with her girl Reagan :)

Lizzie, on the other hand, is not quite the happy swimmer Layla can probably tell that from her face in the photo below:

Lizzie fell in our pool this winter and would have drowned had Layla not alerted Swimming Lessons 101 for Lizzie began Saturday.  Lizzie was somewhat traumatized by the almost drowning incident (can't blame her there), so she panics when she's in the water.  My goal for the weekend was to get her comfortable enough in the water that she would actually swim for the steps instead of floundering around freaking out.  We finally succeeded today.  

When Lizzie gets out of the water, she's determined to get it all off her...she has this elaborate routine that   takes place on our wooden deck...I have no idea how she keeps from getting splinters.  She rolls all around and skids across the deck, rubbing every inch of herself on the planks.

Crazy, I know...but hilarious to watch.

When the rubbing shenanigans are over, she flattens herself out and lays there still as a statue, basking in the sunshine...almost as if she's in the dryer at the beauty shop...

My daughters have mentioned that they really think Lizzie's problem with the water is her prissiness...she's upset about getting her fur all wet :/
I don't know about all that...

After swimming lessons, Lizzie passed out inside...

Just like a little kid who's swam all day and played so very hard...all tuckered out.

And so was Layla ;)


  1. Lizzie's face!  My cat fell in the bath once (he hates water, but likes to sit on the edge when one of us is in the bath) and he made the exact same face!

  2. Lizzie is so darn cute!!! I wonder how Romeo would fare in the water? I can't wait to see.


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