Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday...which is really Friday :)

After a fun weekend of swimming and playing outside, our Layla had a sleepless night Monday night...
And, of course, so did the rest of us.

She was shaking her head and one ear was hanging.  I rubbed the ear and could hear what sounded like water.  She groaned a little as I rubbed the ear. 
Could she possibly have swimmer's ear?? :/

By the time I returned home from work Tuesday, she was shaking her head even more, but then when I massaged the ear, she actually whined.

That's all I needed...we went straight to the vet.
Sure enough, our Layla has infected ears.  The vet says it's a pretty common issue with German Shepherds, but since this is Layla's first time, hopefully it's just a fluke for us.  Her ears did have puss in them, and according to the vet, she was in a good bit of pain. 
He said the infection could have been caused by the water from swimming but not necessarily; dogs have staff in their ears naturally, and sometimes infections's not the same kind of staff humans get though.
Her temp was 102.5 which is also normal for a dog...on the high normal side, but normal just the same.
After a shot of painkiller, flushed and medicated ears and antibiotics, we headed back home.

We petted and pampered Layla, and she finally rested and stopped shaking her head.
Her nurse, pictured with Layla above, especially likes the part where we wrap the antibiotic pill in a slice of American cheese and feed it to her.
Layla likes that part too :)


  1. Poor angel. And poor you. I know how miserable it is when my girl isn't feeling well. And cheese - yes, cheese helps.

  2. Our Lab always got ear infections.  I have no idea if it was aggravated by all the swimming or not, but she got them.  Momma knows her doggy!  Glad she got her meds and is on the mend!

  3. Diane@BibliophilebytheseaApril 5, 2012 at 8:13 PM

    Poor Layla, but what fur-parents you are:)

  4. Aw, poor Layla!  Hope she makes a speedy recovery, it's horrible when pets are ill as they can't tell you about it.


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