Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Sunday Salon

It's been a while since I've Sunday Saloned, but I've found myself with the workings of one in my head over the last couple of weeks since school's been out :)
And, what a glorious couple of weeks these have been!
Especially once we got the middle child graduated last Friday night.
Since then, I've taken it slow and easy.  Resting, reading and slowly but surely putting my house back together again.

From a teacher's standpoint the last few weeks of school are, for me, the worst.
Tensions are high; students realize that ohmygoshwasIsupposedtoturnsomethinginforthisclass????
Paperwork, year end surveys, assessment reports, closing out the books, luncheons, graduation practice, policy changes, policy changes back again, technology working, technology not working again, course evaluations...
It's enough to send me into a fetal ball under my desk.
I cannot get out of there fast enough.
Don't get me wrong; I love teaching.  I am happiest in my classroom with my students.  It's all the other mess I could do without.

Home is my place to just be, and I know how lucky I am to have a place like that. 

I've been reading and writing a lot...I've read and reviewed The Storytelling Animal for TLC Book Tours, Deadlocked and 11th Hour, auto-shipped from Amazon, completed and posted my reviews for Death du Jour and Breaking Silence.

I finished Tom Franklin's Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter and have almost finished that review...can't believe I waited so long to read this one :)

I've also finally finished The Hunger Games trilogy, just last night!!!
I read and completed my review for the first book in March of 2011...yeah, yeah, I know.
I started the review for Catching Fire before I began reading Mockingjay because I wanted to keep my thoughts about Catching Fire separate from how I feel about the entire trilogy. I'm finding myself not feeling the same way about this trilogy as a lot of other people do...more about that in my review though ;)

I'm almost done with Gods of Gotham on audio...and of course am now going to buy it for my keeper shelves :)  Thankfully, this was an ARC audio though so I won't be buying it twice. 

 I'm still processing Cold Mountain and The Book Thief with my students from this past semester, which is why I haven't talked much about that yet, but I do want to get my own personal review of The Book Thief up this week.  What an awesome story!

From Net Galley I have 3 books that I need to finish up, Hit Lit, Enchantments, and Darkness Visible.  I learned the hard way with Net Galley that the books you've been sent to review will disappear in a certain amount of time if you don't download them to your Kindle.  I lost The Ruins of Us, If Walls Could Talk, Good in a Crisis, and A Difficult Woman that way :(  I've decided to use my Kindle as much as possible for Net Galley period.  I hate losing books :(:(

The youngest finished up softball season yesterday with a 4 game tournament.  
I'm in MS ya''s already in the 90's here with just about as much humidity.  Talk about hot.
It's so dry right now that in between games we had to run the sprinklers to keep the fields from blowing away.
Our girls decided to use the sprinklers for their own purposes 

Tee Hee...oh, to be this young again...:)
Mine is the child on the far left, screaming in ecstasy! :)

I was proud of our little girls: they have beautiful spirits playing the game, making new friends, learning the rules, and really and truly at this level could care less who wins and who loses.
Not so much for some of the parents.
It was very difficult a few times to stay in my seat and not join in the stupidness, but then I remembered that I'm not stupid, or ignorant, or an idiot, or immature, or ridiculous.
Most of the time anyway ;)
I thanked our coaches sincerely yesterday as we left the field because these guys and one woman kept their heads up through it all, stood up for our girls in an adult manner, and kept our girls positive.  
That's what I want for my kid.  

The Head of My Household and I will be traveling to Las Vegas this coming up weekend.  We'll be on an official trip for our school, so we'll have no kids with us.  
Wait, did somebody say no kids??
Las Vegas?
I'm in!

As far as the blog itself goes, I'm in the midst of writing a review policy.  I LOVE reviewing for TLC Tours and Net Galley.  They don't bombard me with stuff I haven't asked for and don't send me anything unsolicited.  My email requests, however, have increased.  Some from smaller publishers and some from new authors.  I know I should be pleased...and I am...but I also want to retain control of my blog.  I also have sneaky suspicions with some of the requests that they're just sending out emails to every blog on the block, not even looking at the individual blogs to see whether or not the book is a good fit.  I'm not going to read something that doesn't sound interesting to me...I'm just not.  I have TBR shelves full of books that sound interesting to me, and those are the ones I want to spend my time on.

Any advice on issues that need to included in my new review policy??


  1. Good idea to have a review policy - I have one, but it hasn't completely prevented me from getting e-mails requesting reviews for genres I specifically state that I do NOT read. I think you're right - a lot of publicists send out blanket e-mails. I can always tell when they have actually taken the time to read my review policy.

    Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter was one of my favorite reads last year. And I am so jealous of Gods of Gotham on ARC audio- how did you get so lucky!

  2. I get emails from Penguin Audio from time to time.  I usually just skim and delete...but not the one with Gods of Gotham!  I requested it and didn't hear from them for a while...and then one day there it was!! It's a great read...and the narrator is one of the best I've heard.
    I'm from MS so Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter meant a lot to me.  I'll be looking for more of Franklin's books :) 
    Thanks for the advice on the review policy...I'm pecking it out little by little.

  3. bermudaonion (Kathy)May 28, 2012 at 2:55 PM

    Isn't it awful the way adults ruin kids' sports?  My son started basketball in the 3rd grade.  His team only won 1 game all season, but it was the most fun he ever had playing a team sport.  Everyone played half the game and the emphasis was on learning the sport and being a good teammate rather than on winning.

  4. This is the time of the year when I get ridiculously jealous of my American teacher colleagues.  After this week I get a week off (half term) but then it's a long slog of another six weeks of teaching before the academic year finishes on 20th July.  It still seems so far away....

  5. The last couple weeks of school are the worst -- stressful for everyone. I love the photo of the little softball team. They look like they're having so much fun!

  6. Busy  busy! It's a hectic time of year getting everything wrapped up, but it looks like you've been on a reading jag! Cheers to summertime.