Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Salon - The Vegas Edition

The Head of my Household and I tried to act like 25 year olds last night; I think we at least walked through each hotel/casino, saw most of the special effects/ that each offers, had a wonderful dinner at The Venetian and even a few margaritas.  This morning my feet are killing me...and my 43 year old body is complaining about staying out so late.  
Here we are on the gondola ride inside The Venetian:

We've had fun...we were able to watch part of the practice sessions for the Miss USA pageant yesterday...Donald Trump, Kelly Osbourne and Guiliana Rancic were there and that was about as cool as cool can be.  

Our girl is Myverick Garcia from Mississippi, of course...if you're a pageant person (or not) and don't have a horse in this race, tweet for our girl :)

My reading life is still right on track...I began an online class mid-week last week so I will have to start reading student essay,s but it's just one class instead of the 3 I had originally been assigned.  I just decided that my sanity isn't worth the our enrollment is low (the economy is impacting higher education as much as every other business in America right now), and most likely my salary would have been pro-rated based on the number of students enrolled in the class.  Since the other two classes were face to face classes, that means I would still do the same amount of work planning, etc. while still losing the same amount of family/home time but for less money.  
After the stress of the end of this semester, it's just not worth it.

I'm still working on my Review Policy...thanks for the tips I've received so far and please continue sending/posting things you've found imperative in keeping the reviewing process from becoming out of control.  

I finished listening to Gods of Gotham by Lindsay Faye on the long flight to Vegas...if you haven't put this one on your list, please do...I'm actually going to buy the book even though I've already listened to it...that's how good this one is.  And, Stephen Boyer is the best narrator I've listened to yet...and that's saying something given how ridiculously picky I am about narrators.  I'll have my review up later this week :)

I've been toying some with the idea of playing around with the design of my blog...I don't want to lose the original "look" of things bc Uh-Oh will always be my "muse" and I want him in my header, but there were a few things I really wanted to tweak.  I have been pretty nervous about it and even contemplated hiring an outside designer person to fix up things for me.  
I sorta got thrown into the "fix-up" arena on my own last week when my background from Shabbyblogs caused readers (me too) to get this scary looking warning that my blog via Shabbyblogs was infected with some kind of virus and readers were warned not to enter.  
 I decided after a few hours of no change, to take the background off.  I hated to lose my Jane Austen books, but even Jane Austen with a virus has to go.  With the new backgrounds I was also able to play with my template and widened my columns after much playing, rapid heartbeats, and trials and tribulations :)  I'm pretty satisfied with the new look...not completely on board with the background but getting use to it.  Unfortunately, the one aspect that I've known from the beginning that I didn't want to change (Uh-Oh) won't stretch to fit the new header box, and of course, I can't find the original jpeg anywhere to try and load it again.  

That's about it for the Vegas Sunday Salon...the husband just said we're going out into the 100+ temps again today to see anything we missed last night before the pageant tonight.  
He's like Clark Griswold on speed when it comes to seeing everything you can see in whatever amount of time you're given.  


  1. There are so many incredible, bizarre things to see in Vegas. And that casino that is just right down there? It ends up being a two hour walk, I'm sure you have found that out. Anyway, I understand the anxiety over blog-tweaking. I won't give up Casper because he is my little mascot, and I have had this look almost since the beginning, but I'm scared to death to screw something up. So 40 years from now, this is probably how I will look. Unless I get rich and can hire a designer! Ha!

  2. Oh, yes, Sandy...I think the bottoms of my feet are raw :(

  3. Vegas is exhausting isn't it ... but still so fun. How neat that you got to peek at the pageant stuff. That is something you don't see often! Have so much fun but stay hydrated!!!

    1. absolutely exhausting! We've had fun but I'm ready to go back to my sleepy little Mississippi town :) I'm not a pageant person, but of course it makes it interesting no matter what when someone you know is in it...but it was very cool to be there for rehearsals and then watch it live on tv :)

  4. Fun post! I enjoyed the photos and hope your trip continues to delight.

    1. Thanks, Suko! We've had a good time...but I'm always ready to go home :)

  5. Vegas is one crazy place, but there is so much to see and lots of good food to be had.

    So sorry your girl didn't win! She's lovely and it was so nice of you guys to support her.

  6. We went to Vegas for three days as part of our travelling honeymoon and we loved it. We stayed in the Venetian so I loved the gondola picture, bought back memories :)