Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Sunday Salon

Summertime has been good to me so far...both older daughters have jobs (Praise God! Can I get an Amen??), so most days it's just the youngest and me.  We sleep in, cook some breakfast, watch t.v. (her), read books, blog (me), fold a few clothes, wash some dishes, tackle a project or two till we get bored, walk the dogs interspersed throughout the morning and early afternoon (bc there is no way to go on an extended walk in MS in the summertime), and then hit the pool.  The husband arrives home from work, hits the pool with us, we grill up something easy and we're off to bed.
See...pure bliss! 

Except for one thing.  
My Low Carb/Low Sugar Diet

Let me explain.  My entire life I have never had to worry about what I eat.  Never.  I've eaten what I wanted, when I wanted, how much I wanted, yada, yada, yada.  If I put on a few pounds, I cut back for a few days and poof, the extra is gone.  That's some serious metabolism.
Well, my metabolism moved out.
Just left.
I took my metabolism for granted and never learned how to eat.  Now I get to learn whether I like it or not.
And, I not.
About 6-9 months ago I began noticing this extra fluff around my waist.  I'd pinch it, pull my pants tighter and go on with life, eating my Peanut M&M's and drinking my Barq's root beer.
I couldn't figure out, while stuffing my mouth with Frosted Flakes and Texas Toast, where the extra "stuffing" was coming from.
When it actually became difficult for me to lean over to tie my shoes, I finally woke up.
After I woke up, I realized nothing in my closet fit anymore.
Whoa, Nelly! Wait just a second here.  The usual cutbacks weren't going to work this time.
This is war.

Belly fat is the most unhealthy fat there is...and I don't want to be unhealthy.  I want to set an example for my daughters that healthy is beautiful, but also healthy doesn't equate with skinny or starving yourself.

I sure do want some french fries though :/

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  1. Good luck! Having been on this weight loss journey for 2.5 years now, I know how rough it can be!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! Your perseverance and willpower are definitely an inspiration!!!

  2. I have always had to watch what I ate, but sometimes I didn't just for spite and paid for it. I'm back on the wagon again, as you have heard me blather on about for months. This time feels a little different to me than previous times...I'm hoping I can maintain the lifestyle and keep it off. It doesn't get easier the older you get, does it? The key for me is exercise. It is the key to life I think. Good luck with all that anyway. I know that it isn't easy.

    1. Sandy, this time my whole family is involved...and I hope that will make the difference for me. We usually have grilled hamburgers and fries on Friday nights so this week I made salad and a fresh fruit bowl instead of the fries. They did joke around with me about it...but in a supportive way. I would love to be able to run, but my left knee just won't have it. I've been doing some other "cross-training" stuff though...swimming laps, walking, etc. bc I don't just want to lose the extra weight; I also want to keep the old ticker ticking :)

  3. Argh, I missed your post about being addicted to True Blood? SO going there now...

    1. I start getting palpitations around dinnertime on Sunday bc I know it's coming up soon :)

  4. Best wishes with the war. I'm struggling with it now--mine is mostly baby weight but when I realize that my baby is now 14 months old I remember that I can't really blame it on that anymore. Like you I haven't ever had to worry much but now is the time that I need to start being smart. I'm much better with exercise than I am with the eating part.

    1. My baby is 8 so I really can't say that anymore either :( I'm not really good at either part...I like to be "tricked" into exercising :) walking my dog, hiking for fun...things like that work better for me than going to the gym.

  5. Good luck with your weight loss journey! It can be difficult. My baby is eight, and I'm still struggling to lose that weight. Oh, who am I kidding? I have lost the baby weight and just gained it back again and then some since then. LOL!