Monday, July 9, 2012

Media Monday - Dallas 2012

Do you remember this?

I surely do...every Friday night at 8 or 9 we tuned in for the drama of the week...Texas and Big Oil.  Evil J.R., alcoholic Sue Ellen, little brother Bobby and whiny wife Pam all headed up by ruthless Jock Ewing and his sweet loving wife Miss Ellie.
The year J.R. was shot and we had to wait through the summer to find out if he would live and who did it was about as big as it got in television history at that time.
I haven't revisited Dallas through the reunion show or two they've put on, but I did decide the other night to see what was up with the new generation on TNT.

I was skeptical at first, thinking it would be pretty cheesy...I mean, with the story set to focus on J.R. and Bobby's sons John Ross and Christopher, how would even older viewers be able to connect since neither kid played a huge role in the original.  
Well, I should have known that if Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy signed on to continue this saga if only for a little while, the producers/writers must have something worthwhile.  There have only been 5 episodes so far but here's my run-down so far:  

John Ross - perfect casting here with Josh Henderson...John Ross is as mean as his daddy ever was, possibly meaner...with oil running through his veins.  He does seem to have a soft spot in Elena, the girl Christoper was set to marry two years earlier until a mysterious email arrived canceling the wedding.


John Ross is at the top of my list because right now he's my favorite...and Lord, have mercy, he's pretty easy on the eyes as well, in a bad boy sortof way ;)

Christopher - almost as whiny as Bobby was, sometimes irritatingly so.  Christoper is a scientist, looking for alternative ways to produce energy, preserving the land in the process.

Rebecca - Christopher's new wife...looks like she's going to be the weak spot this time around, if she stays around.

J.R. - evil as always...maybe even more so...the first episode finds him in a nursing home deep in depression...until Bobby visits and announces his plans to sell the family home, SouthFork. 

Bobby - dealing with secret health problems and trying to protect usual.  

Sue Ellen - on the track to become the new governor of Dallas...boy that's a change! She's cleaned up and turned her life around.  I hope it stays that way bc the alcoholic Sue Ellen got on my nerves after a while...there's only so much wallowing a viewer can take.

The new show is sexier...the younger generation isn't afraid to show some skin and the sex scenes are pretty steamy...if they'd been this steamy in the 80's, my mama wouldn't have let me watch it ;)
Enough of the old supporting cast is back as well to satisfy curiosity...except for Victoria Principal who seems to have removed herself permanently from the Dallas lineup.  Don't know much about that except some of the more recent photos of her look like she's OD'd on plastic surgery :( 

If you're an old viewer, give this one a chance; you might be pleasantly surprised.
Anybody else out there watching this one with me?  If so, what do you think?  Which character is your favorite so far?


  1. Oh, I had fun reading your post about this! My own mama didn't let me watch Dallas back in the day, so maybe I'll try to dig up the old episodes on Netflix.

    1. As I was catching up on the new series, I thought about going back and watching at least the first season of the original. Dallas 2012 refers from time to time to old secrets/promises, etc. that I vaguely remember. Might be time for a marathon :)

  2. I never watched Dallas, but am intrigued by the new version and might give it a try. Especially since they are including some of the old characters. I need a new show, and am planning on seeing if this one is a good fit for me.

    1. I like the mixture of the old/new characters. I'm not sure how long the old characters are planning on staying around or how often they'll be caught up in the main storyline. Bobby's character is pretty heavy handed as is Sue Ellen, but J.R.'s character may be an influence from afar...seems I remember reading about some real-life health problems for Larry Hagman which may keep him from participating on a daily basis...not sure but we'll surely see :)

  3. I have this saved on my DVR and as soon as Madison can entertain herself, I plan on having a what in like four years or so? :)

    1. LOL! I very seldom get to watch anything in real time either and mine are 19,17 and 8 :p I like DVR and On Demand tv for that very reason...I can watch whatever I want to watch whenever I have time and if I have to stop in the middle, I can do that too.