Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sorta Wordless Wednesday - Walkin' in Memphis

Old folks having fun on Beale Strreet...on a Thursday night.

Public Service Announcement: Went back to Beale Street on Saturday night, not recommended :( actually kinda scary.  Armed policemen everywhere, controlled access in and out to the area, etc.  The heightened security is there due to recent violence on the street...the vigilant security is certainly is a good thing...but we decided Thursday night was enough for us.  I can have a much safer cocktail on the roof of my hotel watching the beautiful sunset  over the MS river, thank you :)


  1. Eeek, scary! That always makes me nervous -- and it must be bad to have such a public police presence! :/ I've always wanted to go to Memphis -- and I love that song!

  2. That does sound scary, but at least you had one night with friends that was fun and convivial! I agree, a nice nightcap on the roof would be much better!

  3. I love the pics :) It looks like you're all having so much fun!