Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Salon

Giveaway - Since I've had a little extra time on my hands this summer, I decided to participate in some of the Giveaway Hops hosted by by Karen over @ I'm a Reader, Not a Writer. The Freedom to Read Giveaway was my first Hop and only my 2nd Giveaway ever  in the 3 years I've been blogging.  I was a little nervous at first, but then the entries started coming right on in :) I think I was paranoid that no one would want my prize :/ Yeah, yeah, I'm a 6th grader, I know.  
I did things the old fashioned way by writing down every name, every entry, and extra entry on a piece of paper.  There were too many and it was too confusing to cut all those little things in strips so my youngest and I numbered them and then put the numbers on index cards and then the index cards into a hat.  We figure we can use these same cards each time depending on the number of entries.  Whatever person's entry corresponded to the number pulled from the hat was the winner.  Yes, I'm old fashioned. 
The youngest pulled the number 120 and that number corresponded to a very nice lady named Marlene Breakfield who blogs over at Book Lover and Procrastinator.
After I emailed Marlene that she had won and asked for her mailing address, imagine my surprise to find that she lives 25 minutes from me.
How's that for a small world?
Anyhoo, I'm participating in the Summer Reads Giveaway Hop now through July 11 so be sure to hop on by for a chance to win a book(s) up to $20 from

Dead Silence in Blogging Space - My friend Missie said to me one day, "You don't do anything half way, do you?"  The answer to that question is NO.  I have somewhat of an addictive personality :/  If I'm going to do something, it has to be done perfectly and to the idea where my oldest kid gets her OCD :/  While there are good sides to this issue such as an end product that is no doubt a quality product, there are negative sides to this issue as well.  If things aren't going well, I also have the tendency to crawl up into a fetal ball and hide (not literally, of course...but close).  I also tend to get excited about said projects and expect everyone else to get excited about it as well.  You see where this is going, right?  So, when I'm blogging my little heart out, and commenting like crazy, I get all excited and can't wait to talk to my blogging buddies.  Then, I hear the echo and crickets chirping of the empty blogosphere and get my feelings hurt. 
What did I say wrong?  Did I insult somebody and not realize it?
Am I in the 6th grade again?
Obviously I realize that my downtime is not everybody else's downtime and I am just being my terrier personality self, thrashing around with the toy in my mouth that I don't want to let go of even when nobody else wants to play and/or doesn't have time to play. I decided yesterday that I'm being ridiculous and probably need to step away from the laptop some...I have become somewhat addicted, so to keep myself from going through withdrawals once school starts back, I shall regulate myself to an hour or so in the morning and an hour or so in the evening.  Are you relieved? ;)

Low Carb/No Carb - Part of my frazzled mental state has to do with this diet I'm on.  I started out with no carb, highly recommended by my friend Missie.  Missie has the willpower of Ghandi.  I think she could even fast for 40 days if needed.  Me, on the other hand, begin twisting and spinning out of control like the little girl in the Exorcist when there are potato chips on the countertop or Oreos, and I can't have them.  I am good until around 5 p.m. and then I feel like I'm losing my mind; I'm on a deserted island and there is absolutely no food anywhere to be found and I will die of starvation within 24 hours if I don't eat some Peanut M&M's and FAST!  
The day I ate 6 pieces of bacon for breakfast and scraped off steak and cheese only off our pizza that night and then felt like I was going to vomit for the next 10 hours made me decide that this "all you can eat, fat laden no carb thingie" might not be for me.  Plus, how is a person supposed to eat like this for the rest of her life?  So, I dowloaded the South Beach diet onto my Nook and have been reading about a more balanced way of eating including learning the difference between good carbs and bad carbs and good fats and bad fats and understanding the ways our bodies react to whatever we put into them.  White flour and sugar are no-no's but 100% whole grains are not.  A balanced diet as close to the natural product as possible is what's recommended and that sounds more liveable to me.  I might not lose as fast as Missie, but hopefully I'll feel better and change the way I eat permanently rather than going on a "diet."  Bear with me, friends, while I learn to live without my pancakes and biscuits :/

The Stand - I'm way behind on The Standalong, so far behind, in fact, that when everyone else was checking in at the half-way mark, I hadn't even started yet :(  I'm now 100 pages in and can't put it reminds me right now of that movie with Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Renee Russo called Outbreak.  I loved that movie and can't wait to see what's going to happen to King's variety of characters I've met so far in The Stand.  Will their lives all connect somehow?  We'll see.

The week in Review on Peppermint Ph.D
Monday - I spent Monday talking to all the new bloggers/commenters entering the Freedom to Read Giveaway Hop
Tuesday - We lost Andy Griffith on Tuesday - Go Rest High, Andy
Wednesday - Fourth of July holiday
Thursday - Fourth of July canine photo session revisit
Friday - Freedom to Read Giveaway Hop ends and Summer Reads Giveaway Hop begins.
Saturday - Saturday Snapshot - Smoky Mountain Stables


  1. Yay The Stand! I mean, not being behind, but reading it at all! I'm glad it's enthralling you :).

    Also, I TOTALLY do the putting things in a hat to determine the winner of things! The first giveaway I did was of 4 books, and so there were 4 hats and names (although I should have SO done numbers) and it was all very complex and exciting! Because, clearly, I'm a very sad person!

    1. Oh my! I can't even imagine 4 books! It's all fun though!
      I ended up with the long version of The Stand but I'm reading it quickly...I haven't hit a spot yet that I feel bogged down in bc I can't wait to see how all this is going to come together. I haven't read any of the checkpoint comments on the book at all...another thing I'm OCD about :/

  2. I, too, live with OCD. My family chooses to say that I am CDO because I would never let those letters be out of alphabetical order. And they're right.


    1. My daughter has a perfectionist type of OCD...not the clean and orderly should see her room! But, she really has to work on being ok if things aren't working out exactly the way she thinks they should. She panics and I roll up into a ball. Loads of fun, right?
      We deal with it though and it's sortof a blessing that we both "get it" when the other is having a hard time.

  3. Summer on the blogs sucks. It is always dead...people on vacation or have their kids in their hair. I have decided just to ignore it. It will pick up in the fall. As far as the diet, download My Fitness Pal on your phone and just count calories. You could drive yourself crazy with carbs and crap. You just eat less and exercise more. If you do an extra lap around the block then you can have ice cream. Denying yourself is bad for the soul! Now I sound like Ghandi!

    1. I've heard of My Fitness Pal, and I'm downloading it right now. Honestly, it really does do a number on you psychologically to deny yourself. And, hell, life's too short to never eat another bag of M&M's ;)
      The dogs and I extended our walk today and will definitely keep doing that as we can.
      Thanks for the support, Sandy!! :)

  4. I can relate to being a perfectionist. I struggle all the time against it. My blog was big and more on the professional side at one time and I had to look at why I was blogging. The reading was taking a backseat, so I downsized---Big Time.
    Yes, I can relate to the way that your mind goes into overdrive when things are not going exactly as you expect. For me, this spills over in my life at home. I freak out if my house isn't perfect, dinner doesn't turn out perfect, etc. Again, I have to get a grip on this on a regular basis. I know that my kids, although already teens and up, will forever remember my behavior and not the house or the dinners.
    The upside, I have always done well at every job I have ever had and have always been promoted accordingly. I would just like to be more balanced.

  5. I think I could do okay with a low carb diet, but I've never tried it so I'm probably wrong. Congratulations to Marlene! I hope you two get to meet!