Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Really Random Tuesday - In which I try to get my head back on straight :p

1. Today isTop Ten Tuesday day...but I just don't have a list in me today.  However, if you feel like reading lists of books with selections from blogger's TBR's for Fall, go right on over and do so.  You'll be adding to your WishList I bet :)

2. We had two days off last week due to Hurricane Isaac, went back for one day and then rested through the long Labor Day weekend...I still can't think straight :p
School started for us on August 15, but I still don't feel like we've gotten anything accomplished.  Except that there's a virtual "stack" of essays in my inbox that needs to be graded.  Volunteers?
Worst of all we found out today that we'll be making up those hurricane days during our usually but not anymore week-long Thanksgiving break.

3. The nutrias (kinda like big rats) are freaking me out, washing up on the beaches on the MS/LA coast and exploding after sitting in the hot sun for hours (thousands of them).  Clean-up has begun, and workers are having to wear health hazard suits, officials are warning tourists and sightseekers to stay away from the dangerous germy situation.  Yes, I did just finish reading The Stand...why do you ask?

4. Guess what? I finished reading The Stand...How did you know? All 1063 pages of it...only took me 2 months.  And, now that means I can join the It Along...but only if I don't have to look at too many pictures of scary clowns with jagged teeth or bloggers with red noses, pretending to be scary clowns while reading about scary clowns (Fizzy Jill and Trish).

5. My students think plagiarism only exists in English class.  Apparently, it doesn't
This makes me sad...for a lot of reasons...but mostly bc plagiarism by students don't "get it" is bad enough...plagiarism by those who we know "get it" and are in the same business as we are...well, that's just blasphemy.  Heller??

 P.S. If you don't know Madea...well, you just need to.  Try your best NOT to laugh...you will. not. win.

6. My students are working on a special research project this semester...an election themed project.  So far we've gathered articles from around the web and have had some interesting discussions about what makes a source "good" or "bad."   They are looking for articles online that share both sides and are as balanced as possible...we've actually found a lot more than I thought we'd find.   Seems lots of folks are as ambivalent about this election as I am...even die hard party members are unsure.  The students find the articles and we post them to a classwide discussion board for...bet you can't guess??...discussion :) So far I've been pleased.  After the DNC this week, they'll prepare proposals for me, discussing which candidate is right for America and why.  I have no agenda in this project.  I have been honest with them about how I feel and am going to write a proposal myself to share with them why I'm undecided.
It's my favorite class so far. :)

7.  Fat Mum Slim Instagram photo a day project...I was only 3 days late getting started this month after meaning to participate for the last couple of months...yesterday's theme was Far Away...that's where the bathroom was right smack in the middle of a 2 hour soccer game in 100 degrees and 50+ % humidity yesterday.  The 8 year old had to go...why do kids do this to us?

8. After an attack of low blood sugar :( I finally allowed myself to move into Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet...Phase 2 allows wine, but it doesn't give instructions about what to do in extenuating circumstances.
Now, I'm gonna have to move back into Phase 1 after a hurricane with 4 obnoxious and loud but loveable teenagers, a full grown man who refuses to take cover when the tornado sirens start, an 8 year old who asks 8 million questions a minute about our survival prospects, an 85 lb. German Shepherd who refuses to leave my side (she's not scared; she's protecting me...from what, I have no idea), 3 cats who yowl like the devil himself when they want to go out during the lull between rain bands and I won't let them, a Scruffy dog who's afraid of everything and everybody, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who refuses to be potty trained but won't go outside in the rain, all in my house at the same time for a solid 3 days.
Go ahead and imagine what you think my house looked like after those 3 days...now multiply that x 15.  Yep, I've still got a lot of work to do.
How was I supposed to know that on Phase 2 I was limited to one 4 oz. glass of wine per day??

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it ;)

9. Below please find my Saturday Snapshot snapshots (the Hurricane Isaac edition), which I'm just getting around to posting on Tuesday :/

Tornado sirens.
 Are we having fun yet?

Oh look! I made a list after all...that's my brain, ya'll.  Time to grade an essay or two...or not ;)

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  1. Oh, I loved this post. So fun and good-humored in the face of bad things. but whoa, exploding nutria? That's got to be seriously nasty.

    1. I am amazed at the weirdness that can be brought on by a hurricane...and the idea that nutria even exist is enough to gross me out, much less the fact that there are thousands of dead ones exploding on the beach...such nastiness. EW!

  2. OMG, I've been there! Everyone in a closet, including 5 freaking out cats!!! And one drunk mommy and daddy (I was not in a South Beach phase at the time). Desperate times call for desperate measures. Forgive yourself the regime for just a little while. I can tell you that while Isaac avoided us, I am still trying to self-diagnose a nervous breakdown. I think I'm having one.

    1. While I'm confessing, I might as well also tell you that I ate Oreos...somebody bought them for hurricane food...not me, mind you. One of those obnoxious young adults brought those vile Oreos into my house, and yes, I had to eat a few...ok, maybe it was more than a few ;)
      Don't give in, Sandy. If you fall, we all fall...like blogger dominos ;)

  3. I don't miss the hurricanes of Florida but what's odd is that I think the weather is actually odder here in Virginia Beach than it ever was for us in Jacksonville. Random thunderstorms with the most spectacular clouds and it just. rains. all. the. time. And then wham! It's bone-dry for weeks. Weird weather patterns here.

    Out of all of your random thoughts today, the nutrias are what jump out at me (!!) and freak me out the most. I can't even imagine what a rodent like a "really large rat" would look like dead and exploded on a coastline. I know you have a link to something for it, but I am too freaked out to click on it. I am not a fan of rats, mice, and possums. UGH. *shudder*

    1. Don't look, Natalie...just don't look. I cannot even imagine being on this clean-up crew...makes my job look sooooo much more appealing :)

  4. Peppermint, thank you for doing this meme! I'll soon add your link to my post. We've been having odd weather--it's been hot and humid here--but nothing like what you've been experiencing due to Isaac.

    1. Thanks, Suko :) The humidity is absolutely ridiculous...we're used to it mostly, but geez. :(

  5. Exploding rat-like things??? Eek!

    Glad you made it through the hurricane okay!

    1. Oh, yes :( on days I think my job is tough, I now remind myself that I could be cleaning up exploding nutrias on the beach in 100 degree weather :p

  6. That nutria situation sounds rather gross and unpalatable. I wouldn't like to see that washed up anywhere! And for the record, I think plagiarism stinks. If you can't bother to write your own words, then don't bother at all.