Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Salon - October 21

This past week has been a very interesting one to say the least...and it ain't over yet.

We're headed out today to watch our girls soccer team fight for the state championship against their arch-rivals.  Every single time we meet this team, it is a "scrap," and the outcome is up in the air no matter whose record is what.  We have beat them twice already this season, but the championship game is on their turf and we are truly falling apart after a knock-down drag-out game yesterday against another team we beat 6-0 earlier this season.  We won 1-0 with 3 minutes left on the clock during the 2nd over-time.  
I honestly thought about going to the car once over-time started.
There is no doubt that our team is the most talented in the state...but we've lost two starters to knee injuries and another couple of players for other reasons.  We only have a few subs, so our girls have played hard all season without much down time.  Obviously, their bodies are beginning to cry "UNCLE"!
I'm honestly not looking forward to this game.  I think I'd rather grade papers.

One of the most bizarre experiences happened this week at work.  I can't talk too specifically about it bc that would be un-ethical (and this is not an academic blog - review the header, people).  At our college we pride ourselves on trying to help our students find their way through the first couple of years of their educational experiences in higher ed.  However, we're finding more and more students who have so many issues other than academic ones that it strains our abilities to help anyone.  Yes, we have counselors in place at our college, both the academic kind and the emotional kind.  I've honestly thought before that we should make emotional counseling a mandatory "study-hall" kind of thing for incoming freshmen.  I mean, really, today's young adults enter college with some pretty serious problems.  
It becomes a problem for those of us not trained to counsel, but who are expected to advise (and counsel) a group of students each all the ones who are in our classes (I have approx. 300 this semester).    Those who come to us "broken" don't always have the emotional capacity to deal with inappropriate feelings they might have...and it can quickly escalate to scary for the person trying to help them if that student somehow transfers those feelings to the person who's trying to help him/her.
Yep, that's what happened to me...the person trying to do the helping. 
The situation has been diffused, and the student is not to contact me in any way, shape or form again, but while I'm grateful for the administrative support and quick action, I feel very sorry for the student.  The student still needs a lot of just won't be from me.
I love it when people think teaching is an easy job.

I finished Gone Girl this week and am almost finished with the review.  What a roller-coaster ride that was!!   Surprises at every turn of the page almost and I HATED the way it ended.  Literally wanted to throw the book...but that wouldn't have been good for my Nook :(  Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was on sale for $2.99 this week so I've downloaded it, and I'm feeling incredibly left out of the Sarah Jio conversation so I've also downloaded Blackberry Winter to read on my Nook next. 

I'm also almost finished with The Chaperone on audio...and I've LOVED the experience.  I'm beginning to find my audio niche, I think.  Slow, savory books for the car from now on...and I've got The Age of Desire and Abdication on the way next thanks to the fine folks at Audiobook Jukebox :):)

I'm taking it slow with The Casual Vacancy...cause for me, that's the kind of book it is.  I refuse to fly through it bc it's JK Rowling's first foray into adult books.  I want to read it and enjoy it for its merits besides that hard to ignore fact.  In my opinion, there should be no doubt that Rowling is a good writer...I'm only about 100 pages in and have marked more Golden Lines than I can possibly use in my review.  

On television, I've been catching up alternately on Dexter and Downton Abbey and also keeping up with the new season of The Vampire Diaries...(reviews coming soon).  I've still got several new shows I want to try, but I don't want to overwhelm myself...nor find myself glued to the tv rather than doing all the other things I need to do. 

This past week on the blog, I reviewed Jamie Oliver's Great Britain for TLC on Monday - FABULOUS cookbook and a GIVEAWAY from the brilliant publisher :)
I made it through the crazy week and finally managed to post again on Friday with a little meme from the ladies over at She Reads and more teasing about Blackberry Winter...which is on the Nook finally.
And then, yesterday with photos from our trip to the Pumpkin Patch :)

The only thing I know for sure that's happening this week is a review of Things Remembered on Monday.

 I've got probably 10 other reviews started, but we'll just have to see which ones I feel like finishing ;) in between grading the 80 billion papers I have as well.


  1. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with a student - without getting to detail I've encountered many children that have had severe issues that meant teaching them for 5 hours a day becomes difficult to say the least.

    1. Im thankful for the many more positive than negative experiences, but the negatives always seem to stand out, don't they?

  2. That sounds like a scary experience! I'm glad the administration was supportive and proactive on your behalf.

    Cool that you have Blackberry Winter waiting for you - I loved it. I haven't gotten Casual Vacancy yet - will have to wait on the library hold list for ages, I'm sure. :) Have a great week!

    1. I probably won't get to start Blackberry Winter until Tuesday evening thanks to a pile of essays that need feedback :( But, I'm still looking forward to it.

  3. I just have to wonder where all these damaged kids come from! What on earth is going on in their homes? And I pray that my kids don't become one of them (ha). Kids have so many pressures these days, beyond what we had. It is scary. And I understand COMPLETELY the urge to go sit in the car. My son is in the middle of football playoffs and I swear I feel like I am about to throw up. Another session is coming Wednesday night, and we do expect to win that one, which means we will probably go to the Citrus Bowl. Total freak-out for me. I am so glad you are enjoying The Chaperone! Isn't it absolutely wonderful?

    1. We lost this afternoon, Sandy...and it was a heartbreaker. The girls were just worn completely out after the OT game yesterday. Many of our sophomores were in tears (we're at the community college level so for sophomores, this was their last game). It was all I could do not to leave the stands before it was over...I wanted to retreat so badly, but knew I needed to be there when the girls came off the field. My firstborn was one of the ones crying hard...she's approaching another big change in her life, and that's always stressful :( She transfers to senior college in January bc she graduates early due to completing some of her college courses as a high school student.

      I don't know where the damage comes from...and then there are some I have to wonder if it's just part of who they are. Very scary.

  4. I'm sorry you had that experience with the student. I am sure it's difficult to counsel them when it's not your area of specialty. I've ended up counseling students here too but I've not had any run-ins as of yet.

    However, I do have a sticky situation at work right now that is uncomfortable enough for me to have googled the person in question. Oh, the tangled webs we weave.

    1. This was the first (and hopefully last)situation like this I've experienced in my entire teaching career...over 20 years.