Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ELECTION DAY in the United States - VOTE, people!

As I prepare to start my day, I only know one thing for sure today.
I. will. vote.
Yes, I just admitted that I don't know for whom I will cast my vote.

Now, don't get all hooty tooty on me.
I've seen a lot of negative comments about us undecided voters, and one of the complaints is that we haven't taken the time to educate ourselves on the issues.  
Actually, my problem is that I've spent TOO much time educating myself on the issues.
One of my classes has actually been working on an election themed research paper this semester, and together we've read, discussed and written about everything and anything we could find about the 2012 candidates.  There are positives on both sides and pretty heavy negatives as well.  One way or the other it feels as if no matter what my vote is, I will be throwing some population of American people "under the bus."  That feels pretty crappy.

The 19th amendment guarantees my right to vote.
And, for that I am grateful...so grateful that I will not shirk my responsibility as a woman to VOTE, to speak up, and to let my voice be heard one way or another.

I'm thankful to be 100 % sure of that.


  1. I am voting today after I hit the blogs and the shower. I can't wait!!

    1. We waited until after school bc the youngest wanted to go and "watch" :)

  2. I voted last Thursday (waited an hour) but my husband voted this morning. When he showed up at 6:45am, there were at least 200 people in line, and it took him almost 2 hours!! Crazy. But it makes me glad that people do take their responsibility seriously.

    1. Living in rural MS does have some of its perks when voting...our voting place is a little country community center. The wait is never very long :)

  3. I do think as women, we need to make sure we exercise our right to vote. It hasn't been our right very long and women fought really hard to make sure we could do it!